Peer To Peer Mortgage Lending Is Easy With Homelend

You might have come across peer to peer platforms for small loans and other things. With the Homelend blockchain based mortgage lending, you can now think of home mortgages on the digital platform. The main thing here is that Homelend uses digital blockchain technology for mortgaging and therefore you do not have to get worried about using cash to buy or sell properties. All the money during the transactions of selling or buying the property through Homelend will be safe and secure as it only involves cryptocurrencies.

The advantages of Homelend mortgaging

The traditional mortgage lending system is very complicated and looks primitive when compared to the Homelend mortgage lending platform. The advantages of this platform are:

  • The traditional mortgage lending process is very long and complex and also involves a lot of paperwork. This can be done away when you use Homelend as everything takes place online.
  • There are plenty of intermediaries when applying for a traditional mortgage. The efficiency is greatly reduced and also the costs of getting loans are higher. But, Homelend offers a cost-effective and customer-oriented lending system.
  • The young borrowers do not get the chance to attain mortgages that easily. With Homelend, the new generation of borrowers get to own a house that meets the lifestyle and needs easily.

The team that runs Homelend effectively

Itai Cohen, the Chief Executive Officer, of Homelend is a holder of Bachelors of Arts in Economy and also an MBAian in Finance. He has a lot of experience in finance behind him. He has served a wide range of posts from being a team leader to a senior manager. He has been a leader in many complex tax plannings, M&As and IPO projects.

Netanel Bitan is a BSc. Computer Science degree holder and is presenting the CFO of Homelend. He has worked as a team leader and a senior engineer in many leading tech companies. He is a pioneer when it comes to mobile-based and web-based digital business. His work portfolio shows he is a master in P2P platforms, blockchain technology, and Big Data.

Ricardo Henriquez is the Chief Innovation Officer of Homelend. This MBA in International Business holder is a strategic management professor at Barcelona’s EAE Business School. He is an experienced entrepreneurship consultant and coach. He has the experience of working in an international blockchain in Dubai before this job.

Amir Nahmias, the Chief Business Officer, has over 12 years of experience in the software and online business. He is an entrepreneurship leader and has in the past made many business partnerships. He has been involved in closing many multimillion-dollar deals for businesses.

The advisory board of Homelend comprises of EliranMadar (Business Development /Investor Relationship), Yoram Uza (entrepreneur), Moti Friedman (Marketing consultant), Raghuram Bala (Analytical Technology Executive), Ido Samuelson (Blockchain Expert Advisor), Marc Kenigsberg (Tokenomics and Data Management Advisor), and Adina Haham (Business Growth Advisor).

The developing team of the Homelend comprises of Michael Tanfilov (strategic planning director), KanatTulbassiyev (blockchain developer), Ram Stivi (backend developer), Vinod Morkile (blockchain developer), and Sol Alvarado Quijano (community assistant).


Homelend makes use of blockchain technology and smart contracts in a decentralized marketplace to offer an easy to use platform for the borrowers and the lenders to meet. This is the best place that takes care of all the stages involved in a mortgage process in a smooth and efficient manner.


Pre-Sale – March 1, 2018


Symbol – HMD

Total Supply – 250,000,000

Standard – ERC-20

Face Value – 1 ETH= 1,600 HMD

Accepted Currencies – BTC, ETH, USD

Softcap – US$ 5,000,000

Hardcap – US$ 30,000,000

Bonuses (ETH/HMD)

Week 1 – 20%

Week 2 – 15%

Week 3 – 10%

Week 4 and After –  0%

Token Distribution

  • 20 million (8%): Founding team
  • 20 million (8%): Advisors & Bounty
  • 70 million (28%): Pre-Sale
  • 90 million (36%): TGE Public Sale
  • 50 million (20%): Reserve Fund


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