Pay the Recurring Monthly Bills In Crypto Securely Using Monarch Token

Even though cryptocurrency is popular, the selling and the buying of cryptocurrencies and the entering into cryptocurrency space have not picked up on the expected lines. There is a lack of technical knowledge about the cryptocurrency and its conversion to fiat currency that is pulling the people back from investing in cryptocurrencies. The KYC procedures, the complicated account setups, etc., are also turning out to be a big issue with novice cryptocurrency investors. This is what Monarch is looking to address to make cryptocurrency investing and trading and payment of bills very simple and easy for the common man. The Monarch is a decentralized online platform that will allow the users to add their bank account details into Monarch and give them the freedom to buy crypto assets through this platform. There will also be a password generation tool set up on this platform to give the Monarch users passwords and private access keys to their crypto and non-crypto services and websites. The Monarch ICO will be integrated with a recurring payments software that gives you full control of the subscription services you have enrolled into to start, stop, or monitor the services.

Features of Monarch

Monarch is looking to give the customers the hold and the edge when it comes to interaction with their merchants. It is looking to form a safe, secure, and an easy-to-use bridge to connect between the merchants and the product consumers. This platform offers practical functioning to the cryptocurrencies to make it usable like the fiat currencies.

  • The Monarch application will offer the users a one-stop place for operating all their wallets, exchanges, and software for easy and quick operations.
  • This platform will be a secure place to store multiple cryptocurrencies and one can buy and sell at the best prices through the Monarch Exchange.
  • The peer to peer transactions will be free of charge and the users also get to make recurring payments on their monthly bills.
  • The users get to pay off their bills in cryptocurrencies and the Monarch Internal Exchange will make these payments to the merchants in fiat currencies.

The team behind Monarch

The CEO and the founder of Monarch Token is Sneh Bhat. He is well versed in cryptocurrency digital marketing and also is a media agency king. He is also the CEO of CryptoSomniac. This Engineering graduate from the Drexel University, BS was the systems Engineer of Johnson & Johnson and has also worked in various capacities in many Fortune 500 companies.

Robert Beadles is the President and cofounder of Monarch. He is into cryptocurrency trading and blockchain development. He is the CEO of Splash Factory and has been part of many multi-million-dollar projects. He is an excellent team man and a team leader who has completed a lot of successful crypto projects.

Joe St Angelo is the CFO. He has over 25 years of experience in the finance industry. He holds a BA degree in accounting and also an MBA in Finance from the Sacramento State University. He is well versed in tax audits and federal funded entity audits.

Kyle Asman is a co-founder of Bx3 and is also the Regulatory Compliance of Monarch. He is well versed in building a new economy in the blockchain industry. He arranges plenty of private sales for his clients.

Nate Aguila is the Vice President and the Creative Director of Monarch Token. He looks into the completion of the projects at hand. He also comes out with strategic planning and design of the workflows. He is well versed in graphic design, illustration, UX/UI, branding and video production.

Urijah Faber, the Director of Public Relations, is an MMA fighter and has worked for the betterment of Splash Factory. Jesus Moreno is the blockchain development lead, who is experienced in making new blockchains, smart contracts, DApps, and makes a creative user interface for blockchains. Troy Silva is the Web3.0 systems lead and Mark Corpuz is the Mobile Applications Lead.

The advisors of Monarch Token include Josh Phair (Scottsdale Silver), Damon Nam (Coinvest), Gee Hwan Chuang (Ink Protocol), David Zimbeck (BitHalo), Nimrod May (Siriin Labs), and Dmitry Nazarov (Genesis Vision).

Roadmap of Monarch

The Q2 of 2018 will see the portfolio tracker, cryptocurrency news, and market data to develop and the cold wallet storage for the ERC20 and BTCtokens. The 4th quarter of 2018 will start the hot wallet for recurring payments, free P2P transactions, and payment making using user names. TheQ1 of 2019 will see the Monarch Token pairing exchange and the fiat support launch. The 2nd quarter of 2019 will see the Merchant plug-in, dividend system and customer logistics in place. The last quarter of 2019 will see the launch of main net propriety blockchain, password management, and auto tax form generator.

Token Distribution

Sale Distribution                 Monarch Security Token              Monarch Utility Token

Supply                             500 Million                                 1 Billion

Participants                       Accredited Investors                    Non-Chinese Residents

Private/Presale Start          6-01-2018                                  7-15-2018

Private/Presale Token price $0.125 – $0.188                        $0.15

Main Sale Start Date          8-15-2018                                  8-15-2018

Token Price                      $0.25                                        $0.20

Minimum Contribution         5 ETH                                        0.1 ETH

Token Sale Breakdown

Token Sale – 50%

Development – 27%

Advisors – 5%

Team – 18%