Pavo, A Smart Ecosystem to Transform the Agricultural Industry

Blockchain technology is emerging as the leading solution for all the issues faced by different business organizations, and sectors for a long time. Hence it is transforming all the business areas, Pavo is offering an advanced, intelligent, and IoT block chain solutions to improve the global agricultural ecosystem.


This platform is designed to help the farmers in taking much smarter and faster business decisions by assessing the market data in the real time. The cannabis growers and their associates including producers, retailers, innovators, and service providers can use the PavoCoin (an Ethereum token) to make and accept digital payments. This coin will make transactions much easier and faster within the Pavo network and encourage better performance and competition.

How does Pavo operate?

Provo will provide its services for the producers and retailers of the legal cannabis market. It is a major part of the agricultural industry. This platform will support the growers in managing an official website along with the supply chain online. There will be a B2B cannabis ecosystem in which the users can use a cryptocurrency to make transactions. All the individuals in the legal cannabis industry would be allowed to use that cryptocurrency. So, whether you are a grower, infused product manufacturer, operating dispensaries, or producing other products by using cannabis, you can use the PavoCoin to make instant transactions. The cryptocurrency is used to offer a safe, fast, and secure payment option.

Pavo Coin is of course a blockchain based solution, but it will majorly rely on the IoT technique. Smart devices will play an important role in making it a huge success. The users can assess the growing conditions by using the smart devices. It would be much easier to assess the growing patterns and monitor the crop activity. IoT services will also make it easier to track the movement of products throughout the supply chain.

Pavo is currently running a pilot program with the cannabis growers in the San Francisco Bay region. This platform is targeting to adopt 500+ grower sites within the next one year after the launch of ICO. Its target is to acquire over 1,000 grower sites within the next 1 and half year.

The team behind Pavo Coin:

CEO Erhan Cakmak, CMO Dave Dabbah, and their team has made this platform possible for the farmers across the globe. Erhan, who is a global business executive with over 20 years experience in building business organizations, has also served as the COO of Bright Pattern, Inc., COO of N3N, and he is the co-founder of Bright Pattern S.A. He is a Stanford University graduate, who understands what it takes to make a new start-up a huge success within the shortest possible time.

Final thoughts:

Though initially targeting the cannabis market, Pavo is designed to transform the whole agricultural industry into a profit making industry for the farmers, producers, and suppliers. The Pavo Ecosystem will use the advanced technologies such as IoT and Blockahain to provide exceptional service and support. So, it would be a great platform to invest.