Parlay Live Offers A Blockchain Based Approach For Prediction Games

Parlay is designed for prediction games and is built on a scalable blockchain platform. It introduces PrimeNodes that minimize delays in blockchain network with the presence of master nodes that are user friendly. Parlay has a smart contract system that comprises of an event driven crypto currency. This works on a decentralized platform for prediction games and is designed for the public community to use.

Features of Parlay

This system incorporates several unique features such as:

  • The Parlay Chain works with Proof of Stake or POS which is a consensus algorithm. This helps to secure scalability of the network as well as increase usage of the same.
  • There are embedded auto scaling nodes that are managed by a unique system for stabilizing the main net.
  • With the Prime Node network the transactions can take place in a fast and secure manner.
  • Data on this system is confidential and transactions remain stored in an encrypted format over the Parlay network.
  • Prime nodes ensure scalability that will prevent congestion among transactions.
  • Every transaction is validated and blocks are generated by staking; every PAR token holder on the system get incentivized for the transactions on the network.
  • The system has a memory pool monitoring mechanism which the Prime service system manages and the single step solution is automated for installing or running nodes on the VPS.
  • Parlay Live offers proposal rights to network service users who can post Parlay events and will obtain incentives. They can also create Parlay prizes by the budget management system on the platform; here games, competitions and different events can be planned as well as a type of reward or prize that should be given out; participation period of an event and the Parlay fee structure for the events.
  • Parlay team ensures that the system is easy to use and manage which runs on master nodes. Incentive rewards are present for those who utilize the Prime Nodes network service and PoS wallet.
  • Users can avail of the voting system and parlay proposals to reap rewards of the system.

In any prediction game that is played on this platform the Parlayers can pick winners of three game plays or more and earn the chance to win Parlay prize. The first prediction game event being run on Parlay.Live service is the World Cup of 2018 which is initiated on the system now.

Roadmap of Parlay

The whitepaper and foundation of the platform was envisioned by the first quarter of 2018. By the third quarter of 2018 the mobile wallet application as well as Parlay Live’s development is planned to be completed with Parlay Gate with public and private APIs opening by this time. There is also the planned launch of Mainnet and Parlay QT wallet as well as listed on exchanges to be completed by the third quarter of 2018. Marketing partnership and web wallet features would be completed by the fourth quarter of 2018 with enterprise engagement levels initiated.


  • Symbol:                                  PAR
  • Algorithm:                              Scyrpt
  • Max supply:                            30,000,000 Parlay
  • Block time:                             90 seconds
  • Block Rewards:                       20 PAR
  • Reward distribution:                PrimeNodes 60% / Staking Node 40%
  • PrimeNodes Collateral:             2,500 PAR
  • Difficulty retargeting:              every block
  • Block Maturity:                       88 blocks
  • Transaction Confirmation:        10 blocks
  • Premine:                                0.5%







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