Parkres, a Platform Designed to Find and Reserve Free Parking Space

Finding free parking space is one of the most daunting tasks in nowadays. There are numerous vehicles running across the globe. All the car owners hope that they will find free parking space whenever going for shopping, watching movies or simply to their workplace. The truth is that finding free parking space is quite difficult. Often people park their cars quite far from their destination because of lack of parking space.

This issue has always troubled people but not anymore. A new blockchain powered platform is emerged to address this issue and provide effective solutions. It is Parkres that is promising to offer quick information regarding free parking space by using technologies such as the blockchain technology and IoT. It will form a sophisticated network to observe and allocated the parking spaces. In addition to all the mentioned features, this platform is planning to offer advanced booking of parking spaces. Thus, the transportation within the city will become more comfortable and enjoyable for all the vehicle owners.

The solution offered by Parkres:

This platform is quick and quite user-friendly when it comes to finding and reserving parking space on the required destination. You can choose any remote location to find free parking space and this platform will guide you. The key components of Parkres are the following.

  • The IoT or Sensor gateway:

It is an advanced device of the Parkres network that collects necessary information about the location such as the event details and other communication information from the advanced IoT network.

  • Parking cluster:

It will contain details regarding numerous parking facilities across the city. Every parking area will be divided in different groups so that the system can easily identify the closest or required parking space and provide information on free parking area.

  • Adapter:

This tool will offer additional capacity for data transfer, alteration, routing, enrichment, and data aggregation.

  • Smart devices:

Smartphones, tabs, and other smart devices will be compatible with Parkres network. It will help the participants in using the platform to find out free parking spaces and reserve the free space quickly.

  • Servers:

Parkres services will collaborate with other parking systems to collect the user data and store the data in the cloud to use it whenever needed.

  • Cloud:

The Parkres network’s data centers will use the cloud technology to collect and store metadata along with transactional details securely.

  • Smart Contracts:

Whenever a participant will make transactions for reserving free parking space, smart contract will keep the records. This self-executing contract will assure the parking charges are fair and a particular user reserves the targeted parking space. This contract will ensure fair charges for the time a participant uses the parking space.

Final thoughts:

Parkres is addressing an issue that has always troubled people across the globe. You will get reliable information on free parking space. In addition, you can book the parking space in advance to avoid the troubles. A lot of people will seek the PRS tokens in order to utilize the services offered by this platform. Therefore, you should invest in this platform.