OZEX, a New Platform to Find Beneficial ICOs

Many new startups emerged within the last few years. Many of these startups are blockchain powered platforms with some unique ideas. Many of these new startups are going to change our world forever. The blockchain powered businesses will gain a huge profit. The investors from all over the globe are looking to invest their money in new ICOs. There are some flaws in the ICO market which are troubling investors from different countries. Ozex has a solution and it is introduced only to support the investors in investing their funds in new startup companies during the ICOs or initial coin offerings.

How does it work?

Ozex is presenting a user-friendly platform which will provide the highest levels of security while you will make an investment. The ease of use and security are the two essential features. A lot of people believe that investing money in a startup is not a great idea because they do not know a lot about the technology powering the new startups and how these startups will secure their funds.

Ozex understands what bothers most of the investors and therefore it came up with a unique solution. You do not need to invest your time in checking the company profiles and other things. This platform will do all the hard work of verifying different aspects of the ICOs before endorsing them for crowdfunding. You can invest in any chosen ICO without worrying about any sort of risk.

Ozex has big plans till 2020:

This platform is going to launch its MainNet Test during September. In addition, Ozex will also provide its users with crypto wallets during October. This wallet will be used for funding and receiving funds from different users within the ecosystem. The initial listing of the OZEX tokens is expected to take place till the end of this year. The initial coin offering is expected to be added during 2019. This platform aims to include over 30 new initial coin offerings between 2018 and 2019. It is also planning to include over 50 new ICOs till 2020.

The developers of this platform state that their main objective is to discover reliable startups. It is how they are going to help the Ozex platform users in finding the best ICOs for making an investment. It is obvious that every investor does not get enough time to go through all the promising startups across the internet. Therefore, this platform brings the best companies in your view so that you can easily select the best to make an investment.

The Ozex team:

There are 14 talented employees who are working for Ozex now. Ryan Lee is the chief producer and developer of this new platform. Chull Choi is the chief technical officer, Sam Pietroski is the technical advisor, George Sfogga is the networking advisor, and there is a group of highly experienced blockchain developers.

Final thoughts:

Ozex is designed to introduce the best ICOs available in the market. This platform is going to make investment easier for you and the ICOs will also find more investors very quickly.


Website: https://ozex.io/

Whitepaper: https://github.com/ozexproject/OZEX-Whitepaper

Telegram: https://ozex.io/telegram/