Orvium, a Blockchain Powered Publication Platform for the Researchers

Orvium is world’s first blockchain powered open source platform that will manage the life cycle of peer review scholarly publication and related information. It is designed to address all the issues affecting the efficiency of the current market and eliminate those inefficiencies. That’s how it will enhance the quality and efficiency of the scientific publication life cycle.

The main goal of this platform is to becomes the most reliable publication platform for the scientific research community and provide all the deserved benefits to the researchers’ community. It is using the blockchain technology to create a decentralized storage. That storage will be traceable, public, and keep all the records of details shared on the platform.

How does Orvium work?

Orvium’s business model is aligned with the ORV token that will work as a virtual currency on this platform. It will set up a comprehensive, transparent, and competitive business model that will assure an ongoing development and serve the global researchers for their needs. All the research organizations and authors will get a fair cost distribution model to follow on this platform. The journals will become variables at very affordable cost, all the participants will gain recognition on this platform.

Registration would be mandatory to join this platform. Every researcher will have to use ORCID as a verification method. As a researcher you should verify your wallet ownership in order to avoid identity impersonation in the blockchain. Once the registration process is completed, the authors can submit their manuscripts to this platform. It will form a public proof-of-existence and authorship that will be saved in the underlying blockchain. The authors can track their manuscripts throughout the lifecycle of the publication process. Suppose the author is not satisfied with submitted papers, he can change or replace it anytime he wants.

The ORV tokens can be used to encourage the other researchers for peer reviews. As many peer reviews the author will receive that many ORV tokens he will stake up. It will be totally up to the author that how many tokens he shares for the peer reviews. Per review price usually depends on the quality of the review, the current market price for reviews, and other factors.

Understand peer reviews:

The scientists working as peer reviewers on Orvium platform will submit all their reviews on this platform. Whenever a peer researcher will submit a review, its proof and content will get linked up to the history of the manuscript. The whole community can access it because it will be public in the blockchain. This platform is offering a great opportunity to scientists because they can collect the ORV tokens for sharing reviews on any given manuscript.

A researcher will have the complete control over his manuscript as its author. He will decide the licensing liability. The author will decide who can print, download, distribute, and translate the manuscripts. There is no chance of data breach because blockchain technology will keep the trace of every movement during the life cycle of manuscript publication.







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