Orichalcos: Blockchain platform with self-stabilizing property governance

Blockchain since the time of its introduction in the market has created a lot of hype and it is still maintaining its status quite well. This is mainly due to the fact that it is one of the best human inventions up until now. It has the ability to change the world systems completely. However, due to certain problems, it is still not being accepted by the mass public. Well, that is not what we are bothered about here in this article. The blockchain platform that we are concerned about in this topic is Orichalcos. If you heard about it before and wish to learn more about it then you should definitely give this article a read.

Why Orichalcos?

Orichalcos is basically a private blockchain platform that can be used in the game and also in other incentivizing areas. In response to the users right on asset distribution and in-game history, Orichalcos is known to reward with a currency known as Oric Stone which is circulated within the platform in exchange for the time and effort of the users that is spent on the making of new game data. This allows the game to be enjoyed deeply so that more participation in new games is employed.

The ecosystem of the Orichalcos platform is known to start with Oric Stone which is provided through the platform. This will contribute to the game vitalization by the consumption of trading item and different in-game contents. Game data is archived which is then provided to each of the users which enables them to preserve their game history and also serves as a bridge between present and past.

How does it work?

Orichalcos in simple terms is a private token based blockchain platform. the main aim of the platform is to incentivize not only through gaming but other incentivizing areas as well. the concept of rewarding the users for sharing in-game history and time has the potential to get the attention of millions of gamers out there. this is a platform where gaming history is stored, incentivized and also made available to the developers with the help of the token-based system. This is beneficial to all who are involved. This not provides with real-life value to the time spent gaming but also introduces the games to the world of cryptocurrencies.


Orichalcos is known to make use of the Oric token which games will be able to avail in different ways. Oric stone will be made accessible with in-game contents. With the help of the external exchange, the oric stone will then be converted into an oric token. Oric stone can be availed by sharing gamer’s data and strategies to the developers who can then use it for marketing and also for operating strategies.

Final Thought

Thus, it can be concluded that Orichalcos is an innovative blockchain platform that has been developed for gamers. it is considered to be one of the best ways to introduce cryptocurrency to the gamers.