Orbis, a Decentralized Money Transfer and Investment Platform

Orbis or ORBS is a blockchain powered infrastructure. This platform is offering an infrastructure of decentralized apps and its two main services are consensus-based decentralized storage facility and smart contracts. This platform is introduced to develop a blockchain to resolve the issues faced by the consumer applications market. Orbis’s solutions are customized for the specific needs of the consumer application market. It will feature a marketplace where the freelance software developer their support along with the tools they develop. The smart contracts will be in action whenever two parties will make an agreement.

How does Orbis Trasfer work?

This platform is aiming to establish its physical branches all across the globe. These branches will feature services including the self-service ATM machines and artificial intelligence based virtual assistance. The consumers will be able to access all kinds of financial services from Orbis’s branches. They can make transfers, withdrawal, payments, money deposit, and investment in these branches.

This platform is planning to automate its services at the branches. Its decentralized approach will prevent the human errors and the users can use Orbis without any risk of fraud. There will be AI-enabled virtual chat robots in all the branches, which will assist the customers. As a client, you will never face delayed services and frustration. The transaction fees will be quite low and you will save your valuable time by enjoying fast services.

Things that make Orbis platform beneficial for the users:

You will first need to create a profile on this platform in order to participate in the ICO sale and use the services offered by Orbis. This platform will provide you with the ORBS utility coins. These coins are quite essential in order to use all the features of Orbis platform. You can use it to transfer value, make payments, or you can hold it as a digital asset. It is a secure platform and therefore no scammers would be able to access your coins and use them.

Orbis is also introducing the ORBSi or Orbis security coin, which will be used in the cryptocurrency exchange and also for trading. You can easily convert your coins into fiat money whenever you want. This platform will also allow you to convert other cryptocurrencies into fiat money. You will get Orbis apps for your smartphone and desktop to manage your account. You will also receive the Orbis Card to manage your ORBS coins. You can use this card at any ATM of the Orbis which will be placed on Orbis’s branches. The support staff will be available in your service anytime you need support. So, it seems promising and it is going to work like a digital financial institution.

Final thoughts:

The Orbis money transfer and investment platform is offering a variety of solutions. This platform offers a decentralized approach to manage your funds. It is backed by the Blockchain technology ad all the associated solutions of this new technology. The value of ORBS tokens is expected to rise pretty fast. You should invest in this token if you want to make a good profit.


Website: https://orbistransfer.com/

Whitepaper: https://orbistransfer.com/downloads/Orbis_White_Paper.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/orbisgroup