Optimize Your Returns On The Crypto-Assets And ICO Investments With Cryptics

Over the past one year, the cryptocurrency economy has expanded in terms of volume and value. The circulation and exchange of cryptocurrency are a result of the growing blockchain communities and ICO ventures. However, most of the cryptocurrency platforms find it hard to attract enough investors. Even though cryptocurrencies can be easily transferred from anywhere in the world, crypto markets lack the stability which is necessary for attracting large investors. To this end, the team at Cryptics has developed a set of innovative analytics and forecasting tools that can be used for conducting profitable crypto trading. These tools can help a new investor in identifying areas that offer lucrative investment opportunities.

Features of Cryptics

Cryptics deal with the study and analysis of crypto markets and blockchain economy. It delves into market research, data analysis, and market forecasting. Some of the important features that distinguish the working of Cryptics from the rest of the platforms are listed below:

  • Cryptics features a detailed analysis of cryptocurrency trends based on the exchange rates and market responses to new blockchain projects and start-up companies. It has access to thousands of data sources. The outcome of these data analysis helps the team at Cryptics to form a detailed statistics of the crypto market trends.
  • Cryptics platform has developed a forecasting system which is powered by Artificial Intelligence. Its AI predictions offer a dynamic trading solution for its contributors. This is a unique feature that can help the investors in identifying the upcoming market movements and changes in cryptocurrency values and rates. The team behind Cryptics proudly claims to offer predictions that are 70% accurate.
  • The platform helps its users to stay up-to-date about the crypto world. Cryptics keep a close watch on the events and news that has a direct impact on the cryptocurrency rates. This helps the investors in identifying crypto-assets that are subject to a high degree of volatility.
  • Cryptics offers detailed data about the goals and concepts about various cryptocurrency platforms and blockchain communities. This is to help the traders and investors in learning the role of competitors and how they can influence the market trends.
  • Cryptics feature an auto-trading module which is a software system that allows the traders to make use of its stop-loss option for timely execution of their trading activities.

The team behind Cryptics

The Cryptics team is headed by CEO Stanislav Maer who is known for his achievements in the IT sector. The process management department is headed by Oleg Tereshchenko. Maxim Maslennikov is the CTO and the AI software architect. The other team members include Ilya Tkachev, Alexey Voronetsky, Dmitry Shcherbakov, Andrew Gurar, Andrew Konstantin, and Yaroslav Khomenk.

Should you invest in Cryptics?

Cryptics is an ideal investment platform for those who dream to excel in cryptocurrency trading and exchange. The platform has a well-researched forecasting system that can help inexperienced investors in choosing the best markets for investing their money.


Total Supply – 66,000,000 CRYPTICS

1 CRYPTICS token = 0.001 ETH



Telegram:  https://t.me/CrypticsAI


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