OnStellar, a Unique Social Networking Solution Based on Blockchain Technology  

New solutions are erupting every day to make business easier for the investors. OnStellar is one of those solutions. It is a new kind of social networking platform that is merging social media with cryptocurrency. This platform was created to form a progressive global community. It is completely centered on profound, extraordinary, and metaphysical service to provide what is missing on ordinary social networking platforms. Yes, it is a blockchain-technology based social media network. It is the first of its kind, produced specifically for the enlightened community.

This platform is customized to introduce the participants to the unknown world of cryptocurrency. You can make money, interact with new people, find many useful products, work with industry professionals, and find new services and events. The user interface is simply amazing that makes OnStellar truly phenomenal.

Issues OnStellar addressing perfectly:

OnStellar is not an ordinary social networking site like other famous platforms. Other social networking sites attract the users by offering ever-expanding services for free. People think everything is free and they do not realize that what they are paying for those addictive social networking platforms.
• Other social networking sites are causing censoring the growth in a dramatic fashion.
• Your privacy and personal life is being assaulted and compromised.
• World’s leading social networking platforms are performing weird social engineering experiments and these platforms have been caught red-handed.
• All of you participate in revenue generation for the social networking sites, but you do not get a fair share of what you do. The famous social networking platforms are allowing marketing services to sneak deep into your personal life.

Things that OnStellar is willing to offer through its services:

This platform was formed to bring some good and required changes, which are as follows:
• The way mainstream social media users behave to diminish free thought.
• OnStellar wants to provide a dedicated platform to the people from unexplained, paranormal, conspiracy theories and metaphysical interests to communicate freely. These people can collaborate together and find the ways of earning quicker.
• Empowering people with poor marketing skills in digital marketing so that they can gain more opportunities to earn.
• Expanding your reach to the target audience so that you can earn more fans. OnStellar is the stand-alone solution that combines the most advanced technologies to offer exceptional support as a social networking platform.

Some major technological hurdles in OnStellar’s way:

There are very few technological hurdles, pulling OnStellar back from offering what it is meant to offer. This ecosystem is completely based on well-established Steem Blockchain. It will provide all the intended features through Steem Blockchain without compromising with the infrastructure. A team of UI experts is willing to provide a simple and effective user-interface so that every user can use OnStellar without getting confused. The OnStellar team is working to integrate the leading social media platforms in the simplest way to provide the members with the best social networking experience.
There is a team of dedicated developers, which will make things possible. OnStellar will be a great platform for safe communication and also for expanding the earning opportunities. I’m participating in ICO https://onstellar.com/


Website: onstellar.com


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