Nowadays, environment is constantly changing; the emergence of technology plays an important aspect of peoples’ lives. People cannot live without technologies such as televisions, cell phones, computers, laptops and others. Everyone uses technology, from children and teenagers to adults and even elders.

People are addictive now in using social media, they use this to communicate and interact with people around the world. Do you know about One Network? Can we use this to communicate and interact with other people?

One network is a social network that uses new technologies that give a wide range of services to people. A person using this social network is safe and private. This allows people to interact with one another, without worrying of personal information loss. One network making sure to their users that all their information is safe and secure.


  1. PRIVACY– people always want privacy, there is some information that they don’t want to tell to other people. Having a social media that offers a good privacy to their user is something that anyone wanted to have. This One Network aims to give their users’ privacy. They make sure that the data of their users are in good hands and no one can easily get it.
  2. CONTROL – people want to control everything that they are posting on social media, because nowadays people are too sensitive about some posts, they think are for them, even that we have different there will a time that someone will tell you that your opinion about something is wrong. This One Network provides users to have control about everything they are posting, it includes restrict audience, operate in public and private channels, limit message durations and more that user will surely be beneficial.
  3. FREEDOM – Freedom is one of the things that we one in using social media, especially nowadays that there are a lot of people going to tell you something about your post. One network will give you freedom to express yourself and allow you to be creative without of fear of vengeance.



Professional and expert people are teaming up to build One Network for us to able to communicate privately and secure.

Founder and CEO – John Hoelzer

Software Engineer – Akio Yamadera

Smart Contract/Blockchain Developer – Alex Aspra

Frontend Developer/iOS/Android – Eito Suzuki

Mobile Developer/Blockchain – Alexay Drogin

Designer – Alex Ds Karera

Designer – Nikita Nosenko

Frontend Developer – Nikita Alexandar

Marketing Manager – Alexandra Kavi


Marco van der Weijden

Mika Romanoff

Adam Hill

Mikkel Thorup

Ian Scarffe


Nowadays, that people are engaging in using social media, One Network will surely be something that people may want to try. One Network is developed for us to be happy and secure in communicating with the people around us. It helps us to just say anything that we want to the people without worrying. The freedom that we want in posting things that we want without having someone to tell us it’s wrong. Having this kind of social network today will surely be something that people will love to try.