Nvest: Empower Your Investing With AI

It is a not a hidden fact that technology is changing every industry. Tasks such as trading and investing are easily performed with the help of computers as they are data and numeric intensive and thus, doesn’t require any physical actions. However, today’s computers still need data and instructions in order to function. According to some academics, markets are perfectly efficient and all investors have access to the same data and information which is reflected in market prices. In a world awash with data and where Machine Learning is becoming increasingly popular, nvest is known to provide a technology solution for investors and traders, by providing them the required tools to make better decisions.

Why Nvest?

Nvest is known to collect, process and provide users with quality raw data. The foundation of all data analytics rests on quality data. As analytical capabilities are extending from relatively constrained structured data to big data, real-time streaming, unstructured data, blockchain data and other data types of data integrity is becoming a big concern. In order to use data in Machine Learning and analytics, it is required to be cleaned and scrubbed.

Nvest will collect and extract data for all existing crypto projects. Domain expertise is important when exploring and creating new data sets. Most of the data will be collected and cleaned by the nvest platform. The main goal of the platform is to provide users with a single point access to a large variety of datasets that have already been reviewed for integrity and are available for use in applications and/or data analysis. Data will be made available for users to explore through an easy to use dashboard interface and an API for developers.

How does it work?

Nvest’s technology platform is known to host all application and tools for development along with the user experience. By creating a flexible and modern platform, nvest’s technology is going to stack streamlines new application development, enabling fast launch, testing and analytic review of third-party apps.

The platform is developed with scalability in processing and computation, scalability in the types and size of data, intuitive data models, collaboration and quick experimentation and concrete metrics for success. The system is modular with plug-and-play components for quickly extending the feature.


Access to tools and apps running on the nvest platform requires payment using nvest tokens. The price set to access tools will differ but the initial goal is to establish a large user base and thus, prices will be set at affordable levels. Master Holders will decide on the specific pricing policies for tools. Tokens that will be received as payments for using the platform will be the property of the nvest organization. The nvest organization will distribute all tokens received according to guidelines mentioned by the Master Holders.

Final Thought:

Thus, from the above discussion can be concluded that invest is a unique platform that has been introduced to us. It has a lot of benefits and features which makes it one of it’s kind.






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