NPER Intellectual Property Protection And Distribution Platform Based On Blockchain

NPER is a Blockchain based initiative that helps creators assume legitimate rights by disrupting the traditional cumbersome approach of copyright industry that often deprives creators of their rightful claims. It builds a Blockchain based network that innovates the approach towards copyright and helps overcome most of the obstacles that people usually face. The NPER coin has been created as a digital asset of this platform that helps people to participate in the growing and lucrative market for intellectual property through this framework.

Features of NPER

There are several features offered by NPER such as:

  • NPER helps form a peer to peer network for global intellectual property; here sellers can list their IPs and smart contract for the IP rights can be created; all information regarding the IP is stored in the smart contract; with the help of NPER tokens purchasers can take on IP rights easily.
  • The smart contract created for each IP right helps in the storage and distribution of the same as all records are maintained on the Blockchain framework; hence, all information of the buyer and the seller are saved on the Blockchain as well as tokens are delivered to the seller automatically.
  • The transaction details are stored on the system through Blockchain technology and all transaction records are visible to users of the system, including personal information of buyers and sellers which is seen between the trading partners while for others it remains anonymous.
  • The steps to follow for IP rights registration on the system are simple which comprise of creating a user account on the system over which IP registration details need to be entered; after a smart contract is created transactions can occur where NPER coins are sent to the creator’s account which can be used for trade; the IP peer to peer trading platform can then be utilized.

NPER Global IP peer to peer platform helps creators in getting recognition when it is not possible to get the same through traditional approaches. The transactions which take place peer to peer help to provide more power for marketing of IPs and hence, it is a useful platform for several artists who struggle to get recognition for their work or utilize the same to earn money. The NPER community decides to purchase of IPs registered on the system by a voting mechanism which can also help determine lease or purchase of IPs.

Team behind NPER

Daniel Nam is the cofounder and CEO of the platform. He has worked several years with Hyundai Motor Group where he has gained experience in project and operations planning as general manager. He has also worked with NGOs where his entrepreneurial skills have been applauded.

Mike Lee acts as the CTO of the firm where he brings in work expertise in different data related services, having worked for organizations like Nextel New Media Research Institute. He has helped in many technological projects to be executed over two decades of work experience.

Johnny Lee is cofounder and CDO of the firm and he handles the design strategy and brand identity of the platform. Having experience in diverse organizations like Gucci, IBK Industrial Bank, Brooks Brothers and others, he also has a creative edge, having had his paintings exhibited at the Louvre Museum and other esteemed art institutions.

Others in the organization are Ryan Kim, who is COO of the company, bringing in diverse work expertise such as having worked at a securities firm and majored in business administration. Michael Kim is CMO of the platform, having looked into marketing, logistics and import functions of companies like F&S trading co and others. These are some of the many members of the team whose profile details are available on the website for reference.

Should you invest in NPER?

For those who are interested in protecting IP rights and ensuring efficient and secure transactions of the same should definitely look at signing up to be part of the NPER community. Like all other Blockchain based frameworks, NPER offers a proactive IP marketplace that makes selling or leasing of IPs a secure and cost effective procedure. At the same time the community of IP creators can help get the right valuation of IPs more easily on this framework.

Token Distribution

  • Advisors & Partnership: 9%
  • Early Bird Bonus: 1.85%
  • Token Sale: 25%
  • Node Incentive: 9.15% (after main_net)
  • Founder Holds: 20%
  • NPER Holds & Market Development: 40%

Total Volume: 250,000,000 NPER

1 ETH = 5000 NPER

Presale = 10% sale with 15% NPER Bonus

Crowdsale = 10% sale with no bonus

Hardcap = 10,000 ETH






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