NoizChain, a Decentralized Ad Network

The implementation of the Blockchain technology is increasing in different sectors. The tech experts are developing the ways of resolving major issues by implementing this technology. However, people are still confused about how blockchain can improve the way advertising industry works. Some believe there is no way of developing an app that can revamp the flaws of advertising and marketing world, whereas some believe it can make some revolutionary changes.

It is possible that the blockchain technology can offer some significant benefits by improving the structure of the ad industry. The advertising industry currently works on a centralized structure that is always considered insecure and unreliable. The advertising companies can re-develop the way of engaging with the audience. Blockchain can offer peer-to-peer solutions, which Noiz has developed. It is a new platform that is using the power of blockchain to offer better advertising opportunities.

What is Noiz and how does it work?

The NoizChain is a new blockchain based platform, developed to offer a decentralized advertising network for the advertisers and publishers. This platform is capable of validating the advertising data and customers. It will help the publishers and advertising agencies in interacting directly with the customers on a peer to peer system. The participants will gain incentives for participating in each conversation.

The cases of ad frauds have increased quite rapidly within the last few years. The NoizChain is designed to prevent such frauds by implementing the AI-enabled NIKOLA system. This system will supply reliable information and transparency to keep the fraudsters away from your business. It will be up to the customers that which information they want to share. The implementation of an anti-fraud network will prevent the cases of data breach and every customer will gain a thorough control over his personal information that he or she will share with the advertising company. A proof of engagement mechanism will assure that all the details offered by the participants are legal and reliable.

Key features of NoizChain:

To assess the benefits of investing your money in the NoizChain, you should first check the features of this platform.

  • It is providing ad companies with a peer-to-peer advertising marketplace.
  • It will act as an ad approval platform by using the advertiser-consensus structure.
  • NoizChain would be a marketplace where the individuals and agencies can sell customer data and gain the Noiz coins.
  • It will authenticate the customer data to assure right information is used for promotions.
  • It is a coupons portal.

Final thoughts:

This platform has come out with a beneficial concept that will entertain both advertisers and customers. The NOIZ token will play an important role within this decentralized ad network. This platform will provide the customers with rewards for sharing their details with the advertisers. Every customer will receive some incentive for selling his private data and there will be advertising coupons which you can redeem to gain more features. All in all, the NoizChain is designed to be a one-stop solution for all the marketing needs of a business. Therefore, it will gain a huge success and you must think about investing in the NOIZ tokens.