NOIZ Ad Network Review (A Decentralized Cognitive Ad Network)

NOIZ is an AI blockchain ad exchange network providing transparent data to all parties, ensuring optimized user experience & empowering social impact campaigns and engages users in a targeted and direct manner. This is far different from traditional digital advertising which just involves strings of pop-ups and banner ads noiz icothat consumers have become trained to ignore and click out of without a second thought. On the Noiz network, however, users are incentivized to receive promotions through an active proof of engagement system.

The more users interact with their Noiz app, the more NOIZ tokens they will receive which can be used for additional perks and rewards. Noiz has an AI that will automatically match up user profiles with brands that fit their needs and tastes. This means that marketing will be more targeted than ever.


  • Cognitive banners for better engagement
  • P2P Ad Exchange
  • Automatic Airdrop and Rewards Wallet
  • Permissioned Privacy protection
  • Content approval platform that works with a consensus-based publisher system


  • Cognitive Banners

The NOIZ cognitive ad uses 3 forms of AI for two objectives. The first objective is to increase consumer engagement. The second objective is to filter out fraudulent, spam data. As a result, advertisers will receive a much higher ROI.

  • Blockchain Testnet

We are building a testnet that merges Ethereum Blockchain (to support P2P Ad contracts) and HyperLedger, that would record intent transactions over blockchain, as per the token economics explained here.

  • Dashboards and Wallet

NOIZ will have 3 unique dashboards. One will be specific to advertisers; the second to publishers and the third to social impact organizations. Consumers, advertisers, publishers and social impact organizations will all use the NOIZ wallet to keep track of, use and exchange their NOIZ tokens.

Check out for more informations about prototypes.