NanoHealthCare Token, Incentivizing Users for Maintaining Ideal Health

The NHCT token, which was launched during the International Blockchain Congress is featuring a blockchain technology based bionetwork. It will be offering total healthcare solutions because this platform will work to individualize healthcare for every individual. This platform has the vision of assuring people healthcare systems are fully functional and perfectly organized.

This platform will serve healthcare solution providers, patients, and other users through the same platform. It is using the three-tier token data protocol in order to make the economic system work between different users of its ecosystem. The NanohealthCare platform is going to offer a unique combination of health coaches, which are community health workers, and its own unique platform to offer early diagnosis and frequent management of some chronic health issues such as Hypertension and Diabetes. Let’s find out more about this token and its benefits.

NanoHealthCare Token Features:

  • The users can personalize their healthcare programs through this platform.
  • Personalization of healthcare for other individuals.
  • This platform is willing to incentivize participants for being in an ideal shape and focusing on all the potential health threats. This platform will be using the AI technology to offer automated advices for preventive care.
  • It is featuring effective and well-organized health systems
  • Providing health coaches in order to help the participants in dealing with every health issue calmly and perfectly.
  • Using the blockchain technology to store and protect participants’ health data and personalized healthcare programs.

Benefits for the users:

There will be two types of users joining the NanoHealthCare platform, healthcare service seekers and healthcare service providers.

Benefits for service seekers:

  • Though it is every person’s responsibility to take care of his/her health, the NanoHealthCare Token will be the first to reward every user for being healthy.
  • The users can use this platform to focus on overall health and avoid any potential health issue.
  • This platform is using the cutting-edge solutions offered by the AI technology to offer every participant with automated healthcare related recommendations.

Benefits for service providers:

  • The healthcare coaches will constantly serve many people for curing their health issues.
  • Healthcare institutions will gain more popularity and become world famous for offering quality support.
  • All the data related to patients’ health conditions and cures will be stored safely.
  • NanoHealthCare Token will provide service providers and payers with verified healthcare data to plan a perfect healthcare improvement program for the patients.

Token details:

NanoHealthCare Token will be generating total 1 billion tokens. Its intends to raise up to $1,000,000 (Soft cap) and $9,000,000 (Hard cap). This platform is offering ERC20 compatible tokens which the investors can trade as the value of token will rise in the future to make a huge profit.

Final thoughts:

NHCT is coming up with a unique solution to resolve the healthcare related issues. The whitepaper suggests that NHCT will be offering practical solutions to resolve all the issues affecting the healthcare sector. The users will gain rewards for maintaining better health and service providers will gain multiple opportunities to offer better services through the NHCT ecosystem.