MyCryptoBank, a Dedicated Financial Institution for the Crypto Community

The MyCryptoBank is a unique bank where the clients register online to use the electronic banking services. This bank allows you to perform all the banking operations with your cryptocurrency, such as investment, payment processing, credit, debit cards, crypto asset trading, credit security, etc. This bank uses the power of the blockchain technology to provide a smooth crypto banking experience. Every registered client can access the services offered by MyCryptoBank remotely. People can check their accounts, services, and products for banking transactions by using their smartphones.

You can also call it a hybrid bank because this bank offers multifunctional banking services by combining digital currencies with the fiat. The clients can use the digital currencies to make fast and affordable transactions. The fiat on the other hand will ensure acceptance and validity of the transactions.

Why does the world need MyCryptoBank?

Lack of stable access to regular banking services is causing a lot of troubles. There are numerous financial institutions across the globe which have blocked the cryptocurrency users. Apart from that, the traditional banks have some of the most frustrating issues that affect anybody’s banking experience.

  • Time consuming transactions:

The traditional banks are centralized institutions. So, whenever a user makes a bank transfer, the process of completing that transaction relies on various centralized nodes and then the transaction processes. It consumes a lot of time and frustrates both parties involved in the transaction.

  • High fees:

There are so many intermediaries and in order to maintain them, the traditional banks charge a high transaction fees. The global wire transactions and cross-banking transfers are really quite expensive.

  • Territorial limitations:

Every bank in every country is restricted by its geographical boundaries. You cannot swiftly transfer a value in an account that belongs to a person, who is living in another country. It will take time and that time can cause a significant loss in many ways.

  • No crypto banking:

All the cryptocurrency users rely on exchanges and their wallets to store their crypto assets. There is no bank that allows a user to store his cryptocurrency. These banks accept only the fiat currency, which is now a big issue.

How MyCryptoBank can help?

This blockchain-powered bank designed specifically for the crypto community. It is a bank that accepts cryptocurrency and uses the cutting-edge technology to secure people’s crypto investments. The users of MyCryptoBank experience low-cost transactions because of this bank’s decentralized structure.

It does not matter that you are transferring the cryptocurrency in your own country or in a different country, the transaction will complete within a few minutes and the recipient will not wait too long. This bank is a hybrid bank, which means the users can use both fiat and cryptocurrencies. There are no geographical limits and therefore, MyCryptoBank is a global bank for the crypto community.

Final thoughts:

MyCryptoBank has introduced the MCB tokens that will be used for using all the services offered by this online bank. This platform is offering crypto community with a dedicated financial institution, where the users can get an account to manage their cryptocurrencies and fiat money together.