MUST Protocol, Offering Solutions for the Issues Associated with Digital Asset Rights

MUST (Main Universal Standard of Tokenization) is a protocol designed to offer a variety of users with a variety of solutions to assure a thorough complete transfer of values from the real world to digital world. It will achieve this target by tokenizing all sorts of rights to assets.

This protocol involves different levels of verification, complex criterial evolution, digitization, asset status monitory, recognition of asset owners, and tokenization of the rights. It is of course a unique approach tried by MUST and thisis going to ensure the potential of setting up a unique digital ecosystem for the members in the existing economy developed on the exchange of tokenized asset rights.

As an open source protocol, MUST is created to verify, reckon, and manage the rights to assets by using non-fungible tokens. The MUST ecosystem will offer tools for developing effective decentralized DApps in order to assure the ease of authentication of the data regarding real tangible and digital assets which will include real estate, vehicles, equipment, currencies, and securities, along with rights to all the mentioned assets.

MUST vision:

MUST is envisioning to provide a public protocol for non-fungible tokens which are available for a vast number of technical users. This protocol essentially decreases development time, costs, and risks linked with the creation of blockchain technology-based products and solutions. This protocol is capable of supporting the development of a wide variety of decentralized apps or DApps along with new business models. It is allowing businesses to use complete potential of the blockchain technology for their demands.

Organizations which are currently not using the blockchain technology, can adopt this new technology by using decentralized distributed register and comfortably facilitate non-fungible features in their applications without searching for individuals in their team with knowledge about low-end programming on the blockchain. The blockchain technology was initially invented as a mechanism for resolving financial issues. Some innovative minds soon realized that this technology can be applied for creating a variety of different solutions. Thus, the adoption of blockchain in a variety of fields is continuing and new solutions are emerging every day.

The issues in tokenization that MUST is going to resolve:

The following issues create big barriers while tokenizing assets:

  • The lack of tokenization standards and infrastructure for tokenization.
  • The lack of digital identification technologies.

In order to resolve these issues MUST will offer a decentralized system of separation of rights to collect the details about different assets. It will pick certain types of asset rights and separate their ownership. It will enable easy purchase and sale of rights of the assets. It will encrypt the data to protect it against unauthorized people and therefore the users will experience high levels of security.

The MUST token:

The development work of MUST platform is almost completed and it is ready to launch. It is featuring the MUST token for the investors who want to be a part of this revolutionary project. This token will be available during the ICO at very discounted prices.

Final thoughts:

The MUST protocol has solution for a variety of issues affecting digital assets. It has a great vision and technology to support that vision. Therefore, it may gain a huge success in the future.