Modern Finance Chain Offers Blockchain Community Development Features

The modern finance chain is an upcoming model being proposed on the Blockchain technology that would act as a platform for other models of this technology. Here different services and products would be available for purchase from diverse merchant services. Those who create unique products or wish to launch new ideas would be able to collaborate and find investors as well as a customer community here.

The platform would also have resources for developers. They will find a platform based on smart contracts which would have multilingual support. Hence, different kinds of tools can be developed rapidly and deployed through this framework. The platform would have universal support features to embrace different kinds of Blockchain technology.

It would include payment solutions as well as rewards programs for consumers and merchants. That would make it easy for both parties to embrace the crypto currency payment mode. Hence, the platform would include several unique features that would enable all such properties to be carried out.

Features of Modern Finance Chain

This platform would have the following features:

  • Allowing different Blockchain technologies to be compatible with this platform. Hence, even other Blockchain based communities would be able to avail or transact on this platform.
  • Digital identity is established as the platform would be a compliant structure that makes its framework legal for different users to work upon. At the same time the right standards of privacy aspects would be ensured.
  • It would be a multi currency supportive structure. It would make it possible for transactions to take place with different kinds of crypto currency tokens. New projects with ICOs can also be generated on the platform.
  • The platform would support different programming languages; it would also allow enterprises to develop proprietary coded Blockchains and run mini communities within this platform.
merchant reward system
merchant reward system

There are several other features planned for this model that would be unique. Such as the atomic swap that would allow transactions to take place across different Blockchains. The library of smart contracts would be a pre-built features that would allow developers to work with similar models and draw from such existing resources.

Team behind Modern Finance Chain

The team that works behind the development of this platform comprises of cryptographers, programmers and others who have the expertise to carry out the visions of the company. The platform is run by Viacheslav Shybaiev who is the lead person to run this enterprise. He is supported by others such as cryptographers, mathematicians and data scientists in developing this unique model.

Should you invest in Modern Finance Chain?

With several Blockchain based business ventures coming up, this framework strives to offer something different. The platform would support other Blockchain based businesses transacting with consumers; it would also provide tools for other Blockchain technologies to develop based on this framework. With such aspects this platform has a distinctly different objective for business. If the platform is executed well, it would attract several developers and Blockchain based businesses as well.


MF Chain ICO Dates

  • Private Offer: April 4th – April 25th
  • Presale: April 25th – May 15th
  • ICO: May 15th – June 15th




1 Ether = 8,500 MFX tokens.

ICO Token Price: 1 Ether = 8,500 MFX Tokens

33,000 Ether Total ICO Hard Cap

Minimum Contribution – 0.1 Ether

Maximum Contribution – 200 Ether

Presale Token Price: 1 Ether = 10,150 MFX Tokens

5000 ETH Hard Cap

Minimum Contribution – 5.0 Ether

Maximum Contribution – 200 Ether





Eth address: 0x13960cA3133C07f604F16379Ff8f98a997d786DF

Bitcointalk profile: baxxx;u=1022279



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