Mixrent: Decentralised Platform To Rent And Share Vehicles

Blockchain technology has become quite popular since the time it has been introduced to us. No matter what field you talk about you will find blockchain has successfully penetrated it. it’s a different story that it has still not been accepted by the mass. But in the later future, it is expected that the blockchain technology is going to change the scenario of the entire system of the world. the technology still has a lot to overcome and it is under progress. Speaking of blockchain technology. we are going to discuss a blockchain platform called Mixrent which has made the renting of cars easier than ever before.

Why Mixrent?

As we already know that Mixrent is a blockchain based platform that enables users to rent and share vehicles. The platform was introduced in the year 2017. Currently, the services of this particular platform are only available to the people of Russia, Canada, Mexico, and the USA. The company also has plans to launch its services in Australia soon.

With the help of this platform renters and owners of vehicles are able to interact with each other. The project has already been able to access more than 6000 vehicles with daily booking in different cities. Unlike most blockchain start-ups this particular platform is based on an already existing business that is in operation. The company wants to help people to rent out yachts, helicopters, powerboats, motorcycles and many other vehicles globally. Thus, it can be said that it is a great initiative that is taken by the team of Mixrent.

How does it work?

With the help of this particular platform, users will be able to access or earn a rental car at a discount. The discount can be as high as 35% as well. Every important aspect of this platform has been designed keeping the needs of the user in mind. All the vehicles are graded by type of price, place, and vehicle. You can also avail the option of getting a discount for long-term rent.

The platform will also allow the owners to get accurate and quick price estimates on how much they could actually earn. The platform also provides you with the option of promoting a vehicle and check out the rating of a renter. The best thing about this platform is that you can also rent an entire fleet of cars instead of just one.


The platform is known to make use of utility tokens known as the MIX tokens. The company is aiming to turn their business into a decentralized platform because of which they have issued ERC20 MIX tokens. The company is also planning to introduce ERC223 or ERC77 tokens. These tokens will be used for carrying out all the transactions within the platform.

Final Thoughts

Thus, it can be concluded that this particular platform is a pretty useful one. Now you can rent vehicles easily with the help of this platform. The intricate details of this project have been furnished in the whitepaper of the company.




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