MIN, Providing a Fair Pay for Every Minute You Spend as a Freelance Service Provider

Time is the most precious thing in the world for every living creature on this planet. Once it is passed, you will never get it back and therefore each minute of your day is valuable. As you know, every resource, service, and product has a specific price tag. We all use these resources after considering their cost. However, time is the most precious thing which has no constantly bought, sold, and exchanged without getting valued properly.

People in the freelancing sector value their time the most. They want to utilize in productive works and they expect to get paid appropriately with respect to the time they spend. There are not too many freelancing platforms that value the time as the most valuable resource, but now there will be one. It is Min that will value your time equally as you do. Let’s discover more about Min token.

What is Min?

Introduced as a decentralized system and the patent token for the ecosystem, Min will help professionals in charging a reasonable charge for their support and time. Every Min user will be able to charge accurately according to the efforts he or she has put in the work. This platform will apply a consistent rate that will also avoid the clients from paying extra money for the services they got.

Min can be utilized in various different ways. Industries like language tuition, translation, programming, mentorship, mobile applications, and marketing can use this platform to establish a long-lasting relationship with the clients. Min will also offer the website owners and SMBs with the by-the-minute framework.

What makes Min a reliable solution?

Every individual on this planet considers time as the most precious commodity. The founders believe that it is very frustrating when a professional invests a considerable amount of time in a work, finishes it perfectly, and then does not paid fairly. Min will be using revolutionary technologies of this age to ensure every client is charged fairly and every service provider receives a fair amount as the payment. This platform will be essentially working as a freelancing platform. Here you can set your minute cost and thus avoid unnecessary negotiations and state your demands clearly.

In addition to offering a fair freelancing platform, Min also wishes to reward users who will use certain social networking platforms. Now nobody will tell you that you are wasting your precious time on the social networking apps and sites.

Min’s incentivizing system is pretty unique because it offers social networking apps and sites with a technique to incentivize every user who chooses their social networking services against the competitors. Therefore, every minute you will spend on a social networking site will come with some appealing rewards.

Final thoughts:

Min believes that it can help professionals in earning better than they earn now. This platform will empower the freelance service providers who are constantly searching for a platform with exceptional security and lots of projects. When the clients will learn that they will not be overcharged, they will join Min and thus the value of Min token will increase.


Website: https://inmin.it/

Whitepaper: https://inmin.it/document/MIN_WP_English.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/MinTokens