Milc, Offering Decentralized Solutions for Global Broadcasting

Welt der Wunder has been an integral part of the German media industry for over two decades. It is a broadcast network that produces and features TV shows, documentaries, and channels on German, Swiss, and Austrian TV.  This company is quite popular in the European company and now it is working on a new blockchain-powered trading, license, and sales ecosystem. The only purpose of this company is to help high-quality video content producers in making the desired profit from their content. It has recently developed a distribution platform that will work with the Swiss TXT and Swisscom Blockchain. Let’s find out how effective Milc is and why you should invest your money in this ICO.

How does it work?

The Welt der Wunder TV is working on an initial coin offering to build a totally new blockchain-managed trading, licensing, and sales ecosystem for top quality video content. Its solution will be beneficial for the global broadcasting, online video publishers, and VOD sector. It is a unique platform with a potential of growing and turning into a standard in the global license trading field. The Welt der Wunder TV will also provide the content creators with a chance to endorse their video content on a global market. This platform is going to help the content producers in reaching the end users and promoters across the globe.

The demands for high-quality content are quite high in the market today. The MILC platform is going to bring the purchasers and content producers closer. They can deal directly with each other within this ecosystem. It is implementing the blockchain technology to offer exceptional security features. Smart contracts will be used whenever two parties agree to trade for original content. This process will benefit both content producers and buyers because there will be no intermediaries to reduce the actual profit.

Is there any risk if you invest in this token?

The Milc platform is still under the development process. By buying its token you will be funding this project for a rapid development. The present and future development teams can make some significant changes in this platform in order to offer users with a much better experience and services. The buyers of this token will not gain any direct equity, redemption rights, stake or profit sharing. The intellectual property, revenues, and the technical property will belong to the development team.

The users can invest in Milc tokens only for using this platform. This platform is going to use these tokens for various demands. Suppose any content buyer wants to buy high-quality video content produced by any user, he will have to pay in the native tokens of this platform.

Should you invest your bucks in this token?

Welt Der Wunder is a popular platform. It is going to lure numerous users from all over the world. They will seek tokens in order to use this platform for their demands. Thus, the resell price of the tokens will rise and then you can make a huge profit by selling the tokens, you acquire during the ICO.







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