miBoodle Helps Incentivize Social Media Content

miBoodle is designed to be a decentralized application that enables consumers to monetize their content as well as through social networking and influences. This platform aims to transform the way ads and social media content works and it can help democratize the advertising industry. It strives to help build an online revenue stream that would be sustainable.

Features of miBoodle

The features of miBoodle are the following:

  • It is designed as a tool which incorporates features of FluzFluz, Indahash and Steemit, all in one platform along with a token that can help members to gain from commissions.
  • miBoodle integrates social media channels like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook which enable members to grow their presence in these social media communities as well as earn through an increased audience in these social channels.
  • Publishers or members of miBoodle can build personalized blog sites or news channels that are built around interesting and trending topics.
  • The proprietary software on the platform can help members to analyze content based on keywords which can be received from thousands of content sources mined from the internet.
  • Members can get all the help they need in developing content rich and advertising based websites.
  • The community center of the platform can act as a distribution forum where members can publish their content and share that of others and help in increasing the earnings for everyone.
  • Social influencer is also a role for anyone on the platform who has a social media account and they can monetize their followings when they have more than 100 followers.
  • MIBO tokens help unlock higher commissions for the members.

Social networks are integrated on this platform for the members and they can select to launch social campaigns that match their audience as well as see money coming in as they influence the social circles.

Team behind miBoodle

Ignatius Uirab works as lead developer for the platform; he works in the infrastructure and component design of the platform and looks into the development work and reviews the same. He has also worked in cyber security roles for different companies and managed roles in such capacity. He also holds the position of a web developer for Averly Digital Solutions.

Rob Glew works as chief financial officer at the platform and has also worked as director of Domus Group of Companies as well as group finance and operations director of NameTileco Group.

Len Burgess is CEO and founder of the platform and has about two decades of experience in digital marketing, having specialized in blockchain, ITO and crypto currencies.

There are several other professionals who work in different capacities for this platform and are working towards making it a success in the coming years.

Roadmap of miBoodle

The platform has been envisioned from August 2017 after which the Beta testing was done towards the end of 2017. The token sale has been commenced this year in the May 2018 and launch of the platform is planned for the different countries by the end of 2018.


TOTAL SUPPLY – 600m tokens

Token Allocation

Token Sale 33.4%

miBoodle membersGenerated tokens 33.4%

Founders & Employees 8.3%

Sales & Marketing 8.3%

Advertiser Tokens 16.6%

Funds Allocation

Marketing: 50.00%

Business Costs: 25.00%

Blockchain & Product Development: 20.00%

Legal & Administration: 2.50%

Contigency : 2.50%



Website: https://tokens.miboodle.com/

Whitepaper: https://tokens.miboodle.com/files/miBoodle%20White%20Paper_Version%201.9.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/miboodle_officialITO