Meastro Offering Unhindered Music Platform For Artists

Maestro is the firm which is aiming to build an ecosystem for fans and the artists. At present, the companies that are into distributing corporate music are taking the revenue of up to 40%, which, in fact, is the amount that should go to the fans and creators. On the Maestro platform, this is not so. Here, the artist will be able to distribute their music in peer-to-peer manner and that too with higher profit margin. On the other hand, the fans, will enjoy the same music at lower cost.

Blockchain technology is changing the digital music industry face. Still, the existing blockchain music services aim distribution structures and for improving established streaming and fail to address the basic problem of the current industry. Maestro aim is to solve the problem that plagues the music industry today that is the unfair structure of the industry.

The Maestro is composed of two parts, first the “Symphony,” which is the streaming service, and second the “Ensemble,” which is the crowd funding center. The artists using the platform will be able to raise funds for their projects before production using Ensemble. And post production and completing the project, they can distribute their creations to fans and others and generate revenue through Symphony.

Features of Maestro

The rights, copyright, and the transactions of music distribution and handling will be all transparent at the platform and it will be executed through Symphony, according to the data recorded on the blockchain. The Maestro platform will provide the environment for an artist that will allow unhampered creation and an ecosystem that divides rights of song fairly between artists and the investors and the profits coming from it among all token holders. The platform will revolutionize the bureaucratic media industry and in association with existing parties will ultimately nurture and aid a great diversity of artists. The key features of Maestro are

  • The acquisition fee for the service is 0%.
  • The platform follows crowd funding system for artists.
  • Fair music streaming services for consumers.
  • Maestro is for K-Pop to the world.

The team behind Maestro

Jongwook Bang is the chief executive officer of the company. He has taken the bachelor’s degree from Yonsei University and before Maestro he served Sejin Electron as Vice President. He was the chief researcher with the Korean rating Corporation.

Taegoo Kang is the chief technical officer of Maestro. He has taken the bachelors degree in electrical and computers from Seoul National University. He has 6 years of experience in developing the blockchain; 10 years experience iOS/Web/Server Development.

Hoojong Kim is the standing advisor of Maestro he has taken the bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Sogang University and was associated with SK Telecom as senior vice president.

Should you invest in Maestro?

The platform is new and it is enticing artists into blockchain-based services to secure their rights. The change is the positive one, as it will allow the artists to secure and operate their copyrights without unnecessary intermediaries. The future of Mastro seems good.

Token Name: Maestro Token(MAE)

Total amount of tokens: 1,000,000,000 MAE

Total tokens for sale: 620,000,000 MAE

Price: 1ETH: 1ETH = 10,000 MAE

Goals to Attain

  • Soft cap for ICO: None
  • Hard cap for ICO: 62,000 ETH

Token Allocation

  • Sale (62%)
  • Company (22%)
  • Team (13%)
  • Bounty Campaign (3%)