MamboCoin, Empowering the E-retail Stores with New Solutions

The founders had developed the basic concept of Mambo24 during May 2013. They wanted to build an automated online platform which can be used for making beneficial purchases in three different fields of e-commerce: food and product delivery, goods, and air tickets.

Emin Garayev is the founder of this project who has worked for developing many offline and online projects for various organizations. He has spent over ten years in this field and developed exceptional skills. Now he is featuring the Mambo24, a blockchain powered platform with its unique cryptocurrency MamboCoin. Let’s explore more facts about this project to find out you should invest in this token or not.

Problems Mambo24 is aiming to address:

While Mambo24 was just a concept, the founders and developers had thoroughly analyzed the domestic and foreign markets. They assessed that the main issues affecting the performance of online stores and these issues affect the regular practices of the e-commerce platforms. The main issues e-commerce platforms encounter on a daily basis are the following according to the analysis performed by Mambo24.

  • The modern e-commerce platforms miss beneficial and active loyalty programs for their regular clients.
  • The e-commerce stores also face a lot of difficulties when it comes to delivering the goods on time to the customers.
  • The lack of trust is also a major issue that is affecting the business of many e-commerce platforms.

The Mambo24 team assessed that these issues are badly affecting the online retail stores and therefore they came out with some effective solutions to address these issues.

How will Mambo24 resolve these issues?

In order to resolve the issues affecting the business of online retail stores Mambo24 has a robust plan. It is going to offer a single online destination for simultaneous sale of air tickets, goods, and food delivery. It will create a highly efficient loyalty program which will allow the customers to use their bonus for buying the required goods.

In order to help partner e-commerce platforms, Mambo24 will develop multifunctional e-commerce services which will support small and medium sized businesses. These SMBs will benefit because they will turn into dominant players in the targeted markets, draw more buyers towards their products, and gain a huge profit. This platform is going to empower the regional e-commerce services and turn them into global businesses. Mambo24 has the vision and technology to make its vision come true and therefore it can implement all the solutions effectively.

Is it reliable?

The following points will prove how reliable Mambo24 is:

  • It is currently operating in Russia and it is successful there.
  • Above 10,000 customers are regularly using the solutions offered by this platform.
  • Offering MamboCoin, its native cryptocurrency that can be traded for making a huge profit.
  • It has strong market potential.
  • It will offer great aid for expanding your sales market.
  • The leading business analysts suggest that Mambo24 is a successful project.

Final thoughts:

Mambo24 is going to make online retail stores work better and gain enough profit required to expand their service region. This platform can attract many retail services and therefore it can be a successful project in the future.






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