Makeafolio Offers An Easy And Comprehensive Approach To Cryptocurrency Portfolio Management

Makeafolio offers a crypto currency management on an integrated platform that would be a repository of different crypto currencies. Here people with skills of different levels can pick up transactions in crypto currencies with ease. The features of the platform are such that it becomes easy to understand the different crypto currencies and how to choose and purchase them. Those who wish to create a crypto currency portfolio and learn to manage the same can do so with this platform with ease.

Features of Makeafolio

This platform has several user friendly features that make purchase and transactions with crypto currencies easy and investments also manageable:

  • The platform has all the tools that one needs to invest and manage a portfolio of different crypto currencies.
  • For those who are new to crypto currency investments can take advantage of the interactive tutorials, avail of mentorship programs offered on the platform as well as start with basic portfolio creation assistance.
  • With the above features one can gain expertise in the investment of crypto currencies in no time.
  • Users are guided in creating a wallet of crypto currencies as well as to know how to buy at the bottom and sell when prices are high for certain crypto currencies.
  • The platform offers users opportunity to form accounts by depositing Litecoin, Bitcoin or Ethereum which are then converted into MAF tokens of the platform. These can be put into different diversification ratios as per the investment pattern one wishes to follow; once the desired diversification ratios are set, Makeafolio converts the MAF tokens into the kind of portfolio that one desires with the different crypto currency investments in the desired ratio.
  • Tracking of portfolio performance as well as leaderboards is helpful systems in this framework that users can use for tracking their portfolio performance, check portfolio value, achievements and check that of others.

Team of Makeafolio

The team of Makeafolio has diverse and related expertise in developing a blockchain platform for crypto currencies. Spencer Howell is CEO of the platform who is a certified specialist of Microsoft and IC3 certification holder. Before joining Makeafolio he has also headed Eight5Nine LLC.

Maggie Smith is COO of the platform who brings in more than a decade of work experience in advertising, sales and marketing and store management. She has worked for Deb Shops where she has run different departments and teams.

Jake Hudson works in the role of senior network administrator of the platform who has also headed the company called HasteHosting and provided support to other startup ventures.

Celeste Givens is CFO of the platform while Bryan Levi holds the position of CMO of the company who manage specific teams and projects under them.

Roadmap of Makeafolio

The platform’s concept was formed in March 2018. In the month of April 2018 preparation was done for the token sale of the platform. Makeafolio was registered as a company in the month of May 2018 along with the airdrop campaign being launched. Marketing strategies were also formed at this time. The remaining part of 2018 will see the platform development in the final stages along with ICO being launched and completed.


July 1, 2018 (12:00AM EST)


September 1, 2018 (12:00AM EST)

Number of Pre-ICO Tokens For Sale

5,000,000 MAF (5%)

Tokens Exchange Rate

0.35 USD per 1 MAF Token.

Acceptable Currencies



30% bonus for presale.


Token Distribution

Crowdsale – 60%

Reserve – 10%

Advisors – 2.5%

Bounty – 7.5%

Team – 20%







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