Magnus Features A Dual Token Platform For Application Of Robotics And AI Automation

Magnus is a blockchain platform that aims to combine the benefits of Artificial Intelligence and robotics with new-age industrialization.  The venture would deal with dual token Robotics and its ICO shall be based on 2 platforms namely, Ethereum and NEO. It aims to create a network of robots, artificial intelligence agents, hardware, and sensors for connecting with humans to develop a new market for skills, talents, knowledge, and processing power. By using Magnus organizations can acquire Robotic platforms on lease for purchasing and deploying new talents and skills. It aims to offer a set of cognitive solutions that can revolutionize the functioning of industries like healthcare, electronics, agriculture, retail, hospitality, utilities, transportation, and logistics.

The key features of Magnus

  • Magnus would offer the benefits of sensor networks, AI agents, and Robotics to various types of organizations and companies. They can integrate these elements into their buying and selling activities and reap the benefits of an automated and collaborative influence on their overall working style. This would enhance the efficiency of production and supply channels.
  • Magnus markets can help human agents in exchanging sensor feeds, information, analytical capabilities, and platforms. It would help them in monetizing their talents, knowledge, assets, algorithms, and information.
  • The platform aims to offer a set of AI-powered tools that can help the agents and organizational clients in establishing a more transparent workflow.
  • Magnus would combine the advantages of distributed robotics and cloud systems to develop an ecosystem that ensures reliable, autonomous, secure, and profitable interactions between different parties involved.
  • For carrying out its transactions, Magnus would be issuing 2 different types of crypto tokens – NEP-5 tokens and ERC-20 tokens.
  • The Magnus platform and its founding firms have been endorsed by industry leaders like BCG, IEEE, Walt Disney, and LG.

The team behind Magnus

Arshad Hisham is the Founder and CEO of Magnus. He is an engineer and established entrepreneur. He is a holder of Tier 1 MBA. He has worked at companies like Toyota and IBM. He has successfully founded several hardware automation businesses.

Eric Egnet is the Executive Advisor for the Magnus platform. He also assumes the role of an investor. He has 25 years of experience in the technology, IT, and investment sectors.

Mark Koops is the Executive Advisor for the platform. He has held executive roles at several reputed firms and has worked for companies like Ericsson, Oracle, and AT&T.

Michael Messele is the ICO Advisor at Magnus. He is an MBA holder and has more than 15 years of experience in diverse fields associated with technology and Finance. He has co-founded several startups.

Road map of Magnus ICO

By July 2018, Magnus would begin with the development of its blockchain architecture, Robotics, and artificial intelligence. It also plans to collaborate with corporate partners in launching its services. By December 2018, Magnus would introduce the Beta version of its platform. It would also integrate with SDK’s and 3rd party Robotic platforms. By December 19, its Robotics and AI platform would reach its final version. Its ecosystem engagement would also begin at this stage. By December 2020, it would launch the platform for trading in 3rd party behaviors and skills. By December 2021, all the portals would go live and by December 2022, all the portals and platforms would reach their final form.

Robotics, A.I and IOT Market:            3 Trillion USD (Estimate, 2017)

Hard Cap:                                        30 000 ETH

Soft Cap:                                         1 000 ETH

Sale period:                                     February 5 – Jun 30, 2018

Accepted currencies:                        ETH, NEO, GAS

Price (NEP-5 / MGSN / NEO):            1 NEO = 679 MGSN ( Approx ) / The rate will be reset one day before ICO open to reflect base rate for 1 MGSN = $0.078

Price (NEP-5 / MGSN / GAS):             1 GAS = 217 MGSN ( Approx ) / The rate will be reset one day before ICO open to reflect base rate for 1 MGSN = $0.078

Price (ERC-20 / MGS / Ethereum):     1 ETH = 620 MGS ( Approx ) / The rate will be reset one day before ICO open to reflect base rate of 1 MGS = $0.66.

Unsold tokens:                                 Will be burned

Emission rate:                                 No new tokens will be created

For ICO (NEO / MGSN / NEO):           500 000 000

For ICO (ERC-20 / MGS / Ethereum): 59 100 000

Supply (NEP-5 / MGSN / NEO):          1 000 000 000

Supply (ERC-20 / MGS / Ethereum):   118 200 000

Symbol (NEO):                                 MGSN

Symbol (Ethereum):                         MGS

Role of token:                                  Allows transaction between Robotics , IOT and AI Modules. Magnus is a Dual Blockchain Token platform – It is based on Ethereum and Neo. Two types of tokens will be minted ERC-20 tokens and NEP-5 tokens.