, Authenticating Digital Identities by Using the Blockchain Technology

Lynked.World is a Netherlands based company that is currently offering its services in Wst Bengal, India. It is currently offering its services to develop an application that can be used for issuing birth certificates to the citizens of born within the nation.

There are two agencies that will use the technology and solutions offered by Lynked.World which are Durgapur Municipal Corporation and Bankura Municipal Corporation. The primary job of this application would be processing requests, authenticating identity, and making other management options simplified. When it comes to common people, applying for legal documents are going to be easier by using the application offered by this platform.

These are the issues Lynked.World aims to resolve:

Lynked.World is a decentralized platform, developed specifically for the institutions and individuals who want to use, manage, and share digitally trusted identities, documents, and information. This platform is going to resolve some critical issues which are affecting many institutions and individuals. These issues are the following.

  • There is no way of assuring that digital identity is reliable or not. The lack of trust can make every entity’s and individual’s identity suspicious.
  • There is no standard premise to verify and trust the information across several use cases.
  • Authenticating an identity can take a long time and require a lot of money because various third parties will be involved in this process.
  • Hence the digital identity is not trusted by all the organizations, it is impossible to offer every user access to a variety of services and online programs because of security concerns.

Lynked.World’s solution:

This platform is going to offer a multi-faceted solution to address all the major issues associated with digital identity. They are developing the entire platform from ground zero in order to incorporate the most cutting-edge features offered by the blockchain technology. The Lynked.World Ecosystem is developed on the Ethereum Blockchain. This ecosystem includes various feature rich modules which provide efficient solutions for real life problems related to authentication and trust of digital identities. It will also authenticate and identify fake documents and details shared by the users across the ecosystem and quickly remove that document or information.

Who can use Lynked.World for authenticated digital identities?

This platform will be useful for students, educational institutions, freelancers, job seekers, governments, banks, human resources, corporate organizations, and working professionals. Every participant within the Lynked.World ecosystem can generate and share verified digital identity to avoid further troubles.

Lynked.World Services:

This platform is offering the following services:

  • A crypto wallet to hold the LYNK tokens
  • Configurable forms
  • Configurable QR codes
  • ID and background verification service
  • Application development solutions
  • Offering a Lynked.World Secure ID to login on business platforms

Final thoughts:

Lynked.World believes that digital identities are going to be used everywhere in the future. Even today we use multiple digital IDs which help others in recognizing us. This platform is focusing on creating a solution that can authenticate and validated the identities, documents, and data shared by the users. Therefore, it can be very useful for all the entities that use digital documents and IDs.







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