LOLIGO, Providing Innovative Solutions to Prevent the Loss While Making an Investment in an ICO Project

One does not need to establish a company for crowdfunding because ICOs have made this job easier for every entrepreneur. The ICO market is growing pretty fast. About $5.6 billion USD were gained by the ICO market during 2017 which increased $14 billion USD during the first quarter of 2018. The investors are taking a huge interest in ICO projects and at the same time they are also facing so many risks. There is legal and administrative framework due to which the ICO investments seem pretty risky. A newbie investor with no technical skills can easily get trapped by ICOs which will never take off.

A research proves that about 84% ICOs launched during 2017 were only during the planning stage and 11% of these projects were only prototypes and only 5% of them were the active organizations. Promoters spend a lot of time and money in advertising their clients’ ICOs but they never reveal their identity. Therefore, this whole idea of investing funds into an ICO seems pretty risky. LOLIGO knows what it will take to prevent investors from getting trapped and lead them towards high-potential and highly beneficial ICO investments.

What is LOLIGO?

Loligo is a decentralized platform which assures a smooth working of ICO projects by using robust smart contracts. It allows the participants to monitor and administrate the growth of invested ICO projects. This platform promotes both centralized and community approaches in order to leverage the maximum benefits. To be specific, Loligo will operate as a public and open-source blockchain that will be managed by a company which is currently serving as a legal representative.

Services offered by LOLIGO:

Loligo will offer the following solutions:

  • ICO launch:

Loligo is providing an all-inclusive package to launch ICOs. This platform will offer a team of well-experienced people that will serve every customer willing to launch a new crowdfunding campaign. They will provide technical support, scheduling of the ICO launch, development of several deliverables, and promotion of the ICO campaign.

  • Safety solutions:

In order to provide investors with a reliable and highly potential ICO project for making a beneficial investment, the Loligo team will perform a thorough research. They will assess all sides of the project, they will check the whitepaper, vision, sources, and other aspects of the project before listing and promoting it.

  • Govlink:

Loligo will feature different solutions to the users residing in different region. Each country will receive a variety of instruments. These instruments will be quite useful for monitoring the financial status of accounts and also for detecting the cases of potential fraud. That’s how this platform is going to promote only reliable projects and prevent investors from making lousy investments.

Final thoughts:

Loligo is going to transform the way ICO projects are funded till the date. Once this platform is fully functional, it can draw the attention of numerous investors and ICO project founders. They will use this platform to find new investors and make new investments in the most reliable ICO projects.








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