LipChain, Introduced to Make Surfing More Profitable and Entertaining

Surfing has turned into a major sport today. Numerous surfers gather around the seashores across the globe to ride the waves. These daredevils have made this sport quite popular. The surfing events generate around $130 billion annually for the global surfing industry. Though the revenue is quite high, the industry is still facing some issues that much be resolved. LipChain is a new blockchain powered platform that will address these issues and offer permanent solutions.

The problem:

Many issues affect the surfing industry. Lack of locations is one of these issues. Surfers always search for good waves. There are only a few limited locations where the waves of equal heights are aligned on the same direction. The surfers get only a few chances throughout the year to fulfill their dreams. Another issue affecting the surfing industry is lack of training sources. People often see surfers riding big waves and think about experiencing the same adventure. They cannot do it because they do not know where to learn surfing and what it takes to be a pro surfer.

Though there are some destinations where people can learn surfing, it costs quite an expensive amount to learn how to surf by avoiding life-threatening accidents. Affordable training solutions, quick information on the best surfing locations with favorable weather conditions, and supply of quality equipments can resolve these issues which are affecting the surfing industry.

The solution offered by LipChain:

Hence LipChain is a blockchain powered project, it will offer a decentralized ecosystem that will address all the important issues. This platform is introduced to offer surfers with unofficial competitions, sponsors, and good training facilities. Any surfer can join this platform to earn LipChain’s crypto tokens by enjoying his/her favorite adventure sport. This platform is about to form a global surfing and sailing community. New participants can join these communities and prove their skills to gain sponsorship and necessary tools for surfing.

Key features of LipChain:

LipChain will offer an official app to its users, which will be the best suited platform for the sailors and surfers for checking the regular activities. It will work as a decentralized social network that will allow the users to publish their surfing pictures and videos. They will gain rewards for this activity. The ratings and reviews of the videos and photos will decide how many tokens a surfer will earn.

This platform is also offering the LipWave pool that will enables surfers to train throughout the year. This pool can offer Olympic training facility and about 1000 surfers can ride for 8 seconds over the waves. In addition, to avoid pollution LipChain will operate closely with the surfboard manufacturers to produce eco-friendly surfing boards.

Final thoughts:

LipChain is using the state-of-the-art technologies to make surfing better and more enjoyable for everyone. This platform applies a decentralized approach to address all the major issues. The pros can gain the LIPS tokens for their contribution and efforts. So, LipChain will encourage the surfers to do better and newbies to join these sports for more enjoyment.