LIOS, a Blockchain-powered Hyper Translation Crypto Ecosystem

The LIOS platform is designed to offer P2P trading of digital contents published within the LIOS marketplace for sale. It is a blockchain powered platform and therefore its decentralized services make direct purchase from the content producer possible. The buyers can use the purchased products for meeting various demands and also for reproduction. This blockchain-powered platform is providing a virtuous cycle which shares necessary technologies, improved language intelligence technology, affordable supply of products, and a fair allocation of profit in a vary transparent manner. There is no central body that supervises the transactions took place on this platform and therefore it becomes a unique digital content sharing platform.

The goal:

LIOS is designed to deal with the copyright issues. This platform is using the blockchain technology to meet this goal and inviting everybody to participate in achieving this goal. Whether you are a consumer, a content producer, or simply a contributor, LIOS is inviting you to be a part of its ecosystem and use it for buying high-quality digital content. People would of course join this platform to deal with copyright issues if they get something in return. The LIOS ecosystem will share profit among the users to encourage them for being a part of this mission.

Issues LIOS is focusing on:

The developers believe that the leading technologies such as AI, language intelligence, and the digital content industry are rapidly improving. However, still there are a few challenges that need to be resolved. Poor productivity of human translation and inaccuracy of machine transaction are causing linguistic restrictions over digital contents. There are biased infrastructures causing waste of resources due to monopoly of technology and outmoded development. The lack of computing power, restricted availability of resources, experts, and information is also causing a huge trouble. There are many such issues which are increasing challenges.

LIOS’s solution:

LIOS has decided to overcome the constantly growing challenges by providing some unique solutions, such as:

  • It will support quality development of digital contents. It is going to empower language diversification by providing a much improved language intelligence technology.
  • This platform will support limitless expansion of technology advancement by offering a better accessibility to available resources.
  • It will provide the users with an environment in which mutual collaboration, technology trades, and involvement of partial resource providers will be possible.
  • It is using the blockchain technology to administrate copyright contribution. This technology is quite vital when it comes to maintaining a fair revenue distribution among the users.

That’s how LIOS is going to meet all the challenges and provide a better solution than the existing platforms.

Final thoughts:

There are many components such as blockchain-based marketplace, Open NMT based SYSTRAN SaaS, Hyper Translation, Intelligence, etc. are used in order to make LIOS a reliable and lucrative digital content sharing platform. This platform is going to sell general utility tokens during the crowdsale and that’s how it is going to fund the development of the project. So, if you think LIOS can bring some revolutionary changes, you can invest in it and be a part of this platform.