Liger Builds A Cryptocurrency-Based Economy For Casinos And Online Sports Betting Platforms

Liger is a blockchain-based platform that aims to establish Liger coins as a preferred payment mode. It would be venturing into online as well as an offline casino business where it would be introducing Liger coins for conducting all the transactions. Besides casinos, it would also adopt platforms of Fantasy Sports and sports betting sites. Liger seeks to promote the value of its cryptocurrency by attracting more users by providing valuable services through its casino games and sports betting platforms. It aims to change the existing system of online casino gaming industry wherein the gaming platform makes more money at the expense of gamers who often lose.

Features of Liger

  • Liger would be adopting an Ethereum blockchain technology for managing the transactions. Its advanced P2P networking would make the transactions more instant, valid, and secure.
  • Using Liger platform the payer would be forwarding the money in the form of Liger coins directly to the payee without any intermediary services. This would lower the transaction fees to a great extent in the case of international transfers.
  • It would change the conventional working style of online casinos wherein the players have very limited information about the nature of the risk involved in playing various games. The lack of transparency allows the traditional platforms to overpower the user community. However, Liger would make the whole system user-centric by introducing a transparent gaming arena.
  • Liger’s offline and online casinos would provide the players with an option to choose their preferred side. Players can play on behalf of the casino or against the casino. This proves the fair game policy adopted by Liger.

The team behind Liger

Francis Fitzpatrick is the CEO and founder of Liger. He has over 30 years of experience in International Law, Media, and sports management. He is the co-creator of 7 time’s Emmy Award-winning Global Kits TV series.

Pratyush Bhartiya is the Cofounder of Liger. He has over 15 years of experience in Asset Management, NBFC, online gaming, and payment solutions. He is the developer of one of the biggest crypto exchanges based in India.

Christopher Moore is the Cofounder of Liger. He has vast experience in sectors related to casinos and gaming industry. He was the Training Director of British Gaming Academy.

Dave Carlson is the Director of Liger. He is a professional IT Analyst and has several years of experience in IT industry. He was a ‘Senior Partner’ at D. Carl Associates and J. Frank Partner Network.

The team also comprises of eminent Advisors like Ian Scarffe, Vladimir Nikitin, and Sanjay Sharma.

Should you invest in Liger?

Liger seeks to make the sector of online Casino and sports betting industry more efficient and customer-centric. This would definitely add to the profits of the company owing to the growing popularity and mass adoption of its cryptocurrency economy. Hence, the venture is definitely beneficial to the initial investors.


18th March, 2018 – 15th April, 2018

  1. PRE ICO

18th April, 2018 – 16th June, 2018

  1. ICO

17th June, 2018 – 01st August, 2018

ICO Week – 01 – 25% Bonus

ICO Week – 02 – 15% Bonus

ICO Week – 03 – 10% Bonus


  • Total Tokens: 7 Billion
  • Hard Cap: 41 Million €
  • Soft Cap: 4 Million €
  • ICO: 75%
  • Management: 15%
  • Bounty: 05%
  • Advisory Board: 05%

TOKEN PRICE: 0.025 €