Kryptobits – A Comprehensive And Novel Blockchain Banking Ecosystem

The Kryptobits is a banking blockchain ecosystem that offers safe and transparent exchange of funds and cryptocurrencies between the platform users. The problems that are faced by the traditional banks are a thing of the past when you make use of the Kryptobits. You can be sure of safe and secure transfer and receipt of the funds through the Kryptobits ecosystem. You can send cryptocurrencies or fiat money to third parties as well using this blockchain banking system. This is the best ecosystem that allows the users to take part in the digital currency exchange business and also enjoy its benefits.

The features of Kryptobits 

  • The cumbersome and the time-consuming procedures in the cryptocurrency exchanges and the problems facing the integration with fiat banking is not an issue anymore once you start using he Kryptobits banking platform.
  • The security of the customer’s money is given top priority as this blockchain bank offers 2FA mechanisms, cold wallets and the modern security features.
  • The funds can be withdrawn from your Kryptobits account using credit cards or IBAN accounts.
  • This platform is the right place to buy all types of cryptocurrencies. The transfer or the exchanges between the cryptocurrencies is done at a quick pace and also in a safe manner.
  • The customers can use the advance charts and visual data to track values. It is also integrated withdraw, write down, and download of charts to be in the thick of things always.

Team Kryptobits

Leonardo Montbrun is the CEO & co-Founder of Kryptobits. He has experience in investment, financial, marketing, audio-visual production etc.

Mariojosé Palma is the CTO & cofounder with international exposure to technology, software development, robotics and artificial intelligence.

Luis Alfredo Gonzalez Montbrun, the COO & cofounder, is a specialist in creating lean operations.

Daniel Paloma, cofounder & Executive Director, is an international financial strategist expert in business and financial plans.

Ignacio Gerberg is the Director of Product Development. He is responsible for planning sales and marketing.

Alain Aguirre, the Technical Manager, is responsible for the development and implementation of different applications.

Pablo Alonso, the Project Management Head focuses on resource management and project progress.

Ariel Yabo, the Security Coordinator is an expert in cryptocurrencies and digital marketing.

The other important team members are

  • Carlos Callejo- Blockchain Analyst.
  • Alberto Carbonell- Full-stack Blockchain Developer.
  • Guillermo Lapuente- Full-stack Blockchain Developer.
  • Sergio Torres- Blockchain Architect.
  • Daniel Recuenco-Web Developer.
  • Antonio Diaz- Graphical Design & Video.
  • Maryana Kasiv- International Communication & Customer Service.
  • Eric Morera -Digital Marketing Consultant, UX& CRM Expert.
  • Aitor Contreras- Head of Digital.
  • Oscar Valdelvira- Talent & Marketing Project Manager.
  • Alvaro Villa- Social Media Marketing Manager.
  • Jesús Sánchez- Community Manager.
  • Javier Elipe- Content Marketing Specialist.
  • Diego Rios Padrón-Legal Counsel.
  • Francisco Estepa-Legal Counsel.
  • Paula Pascual-Commercial & Communication Manager.
  • Gaby Castellanos-Business Speaker.
  • Ismael Cala-Host & Presenter.

The roadmap of Kryptobits

The first quarter of 2018 saw the DLT license application and the development of the Kryptobits trading platform in February. The 2ndquarter of 2018 saw the launch of pre-ICO, the development of the start exchange and the ICO launch. July will be the time when the DLT license will be obtained and the presentation of the Kryptobits trading and its launch will take place after that. The ICO will end during August 2018. The Kryptobits exchange will be presented in November and its launch will take place in December. The Karto Coin presentation and its launch will also take place in December 2018.



  • Beginning: May 17th, 2018 (12:00 PM GMT +2)
  • Ending: November 4th, 2018 (12:00AM GMT +1)
  • SOFT-CAP: 4 Million €
  • Accepted Currencies: ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, XRP, FIAT (EUR)
  • Number of Total Tokens: 1,802,500,000 (100%)
  • Number of Tokens for Sale: 1,442,000,000 (80%)
  • HARD-CAP: 100 Million €
  • Minimum Investment: 100 TOKENS





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