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Emergence of Ishook

Ishook is progressing ahead in the market to improve networking and hosting digital content. It has also facilitated an increase in content creators’ visibility across the online world. With Ishook, content creators need not have to approach each online platform for distribution or marketing of data, instead, all of it can be done by accessing multiple distribution networks of Ishook. It is a perfect gateway to bridge the gap between authors and audiences prevalent in the society

Benefits of Ishook

iShook is serving investors with wholesome of benefits as listed below;

  1. Access to large network: For writers or content creators who found it difficult to become part of a network or large communities, with iShook all of it has been made tremendously easy. With its user, individuals can write, publish, organize content as per their convenience and requirement.
  2. Increased visibility of content creators: Unlike before wherein it was difficult for the content creators to market their content or make it visible, iShook has made all of it an easy and doable thing to do.
  3. Social network gateway: Surprisingly iShook has served as a bridge between audience and authors. The message can thus be conveniently communicated without any sort of barrier.
  4. Smart contract: iShook token is printed on Ethereum Blockchain technology using which content creators and audience can be easily connected. Moreover, it also helps in delivering rich content to the final audience who is interested in going through their content.
  5. Single network channel: Content creators need not have to approach different publishers in the market to get their content displayed or marketed. This singular platform can be used for communicating the ideas of the content creator to the outside world and thus make the most out of it from client companies.

How does Ishook work?

Ishook is one of the fantastic ways of distributing content across the online world. iShook is also conducting token sale online such that funds raised can further be used for development of iShook platform. Out of the total funds collected, 30% shall be used for scaling, while 24% is going to be used for marketing of specific content, product or brand.

Ishook – its purpose and usage

iShook is a one-stop solution for content creators, marketers and distributors who have been since long looking for efficient ways of distributing their content across the world. By opting for iShook and the Shook tokens various benefits can be achieved. The tokens can be used for getting access to attractive and fulfilling content distribution deals.

Ishook team

  1. Beni E Rachmanov – CEO & Founder
  2. Michael Yusupov – CFO & Co-founder
  3. Gary J. Ross – Founding Partner at Ross & Shulga PLLC
  4. Martin Mushkin – Co-Chairman of a Practicing Law Institute Course on Accountant’s Liability Token details

iShook token is known as Shook which is based on Ethereum. Getting access to shook tokens is one of the easiest things to do. To begin with, the account has to be created with ERC20 compatible websites. Now transfer the amount to Ethereum which can further be used for the purchase of Shook tokens. Once the transfer has been made, make sure to email transfer ID to the wallet account. Once ICO ends, the user shall be entitled to receive tokens and that too 4 weeks. The tokens once added into the account can be used for conducting different marketing or distribution activities online.





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