IOU, Presenting a Unique Loyalty Program Based on IOUX Tokens

IOU is a new blockchain powered project, introduced to improve and reinvent the customer loyalty programs. This platform aims to offer merchants more profit, control, and flexibility. If the solutions proposed by IOU implemented exactly like proposed, the participant merchants would be able to satisfy all the needs of their clients in the best possible manner. It will significantly reduce the marketing cost and help the merchants in entertaining their customers for a very long time.

IOU’s loyalty system will help the businesses in redeveloping and establishing a strong bond with their clientele. In addition, the business owners can allow their customers with an opportunity of exchanging their IOU tokens with other prospects and earn additional profit.

What benefits the merchants and customers will experience with IOU?

Every customer loyalty program is worth useless if it does not draw more prospects toward the business. IOU guarantees a positive growth and certain benefits to its users, which are the following:

  • Customer retention and loyalty:

The IOU devoirs would be Flagship Blockchain Loyalty Programs for the business owners. These would be safe and efficient method of marketing some appealing offers to the consumers.

  • Viral marketing:

When people get rewards and great offers from a merchant, they simply cannot stop themselves from sharing the details with other potential customers who can be their friends and colleagues. Merchants can encourage their customers to exchange their IOU with other prospects on a P2P exchange after considering their demands and cost at the time they make transaction. The merchants will find new customers and the customers will make profit by exchanging the tokens.

  • Market driven flexibility:

The merchants can distribute IOUs to their customers after employing some terms and conditions related to promotion of their products and services. They can apply an expiry date and set the quantity with certain exchange conditions. The customers will gain enough time to use the products and services merchants want to endorse. Thus, they can better assess how to lure the potential customers for exchanging IOUs and drawing their attention.

The IOUX tokens:

The merchants will have to offer 5% fee gas in IOUX tokens for every IOU offer launched for the clients. Apart from that, to offer some additional rewards for the IOUX token holders, each IOUX token transaction would offer the customers with 5% additional discount. Whenever the customers or merchants make a transaction of 1000 tokens, this platform will reward 20 additional tokens to both merchants and customers.

This platform is going to generate 800,000,000 IOUX tokens in total. 800 IOUX tokens would cost 1 ETH. It will distribute 10,000,000 tokens with a 40% volume bonus during the Pre-ICO and about 100,000,000 tokens during the crowdsale.

IOU conclusion:

IOU proposes a loyalty program in which the merchants can distribute a lot of tokens to reward their customers for viral marketing of their business. This platform can certain draw the attention of numerous investors for its unique loyalty program. Therefore, investing in the IOUX tokens would be a great idea to ensure a smooth development of this platform.



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