Investaco Offers A Decentralized Digital Banking Platform For Crypto Currencies

Investaco is a decentralized control platform which would offer digital banking services. This would involve different authorities who would control diverse functions on the platform, thereby allowing coin holders and investors to invest in the platform and be able to control and have stakes in the project. The platform is based on the blockchain technology, it would make all transactions transparent and provide oversight on how the inner workings of the platform happen.

Features of Investaco

This platform would have the following features to offer:

  • This digital banking platform would offer transactions through MasterCard, UnionPay international cards as well as through e-wallet services.
  • There would be a lending platform as well as an investment dashboard and exchange.
  • The dashboard platform would provide access to one’s account dashboard, debit card access, remittance services, internal transfer, e-wallet and other features.
  • The platform would allow members to access through Mac and PC, as well through mobile apps such as Google Play and App Store of iOS.
  • The exchange would offer lucrative and stable rates for popular cryptocurrency and fiat currency exchanges.
  • The wallet software on this platform would allow members to participate in trade exchanges.
  • Those who participate in the INV token purchases can participate in ICOs of new projects that are advertised on this platform, allowing token holders to benefit from popular and upcoming ICO sales and other upside opportunities that are offered.

The platform would have an extensive selection and verification process for ICOs that ensure that only lucrative sales events are showcased on this platform that allows token holders of such pre-sale events to be able to expect lucrative returns.

The team working for Investaco

While individual team member profiles are not provided on the website of Investa, it is shown as a registered private company that is committed to creating value for users and coin holders. It would produce products as per consensus of users and stakeholders. There would be no deviation from completing the objectives of the company and providing the kind of financial services that are promised to stakeholders and users. It is the UK registered and private limited company. It would operate remotely with partners and employees across Chile, United Kingdom, India, Brazil and other places.

Lucrative aspects of Investa

What is offered is not only a digital wallet or exchange services but would also bring along a debit card that can be loaded with fiat as well as cryptocurrencies. The system would also operate and set up crypto ATMs through which one can access funds and withdraw fiat as well as cryptocurrencies. The system would also facilitate lending between users of the community and all such services can be facilitated by the INV token. This would be an exchange unit for paying and enabling different transactions within this ecosystem. With the rise of cryptocurrencies in the market, there is much potential for banking services that would cater to such currencies, ICOs and exchanges.


Symbol – INV

1 BTC = 22,729.78 INV

PRESALE  – May 1, 2018 – May 15, 2018 (1 INV = $0.40, 60% Discount)
MAIN SALE 1  – May 16, 2018 – June 15, 2018 (1 INV = $0.75, 25% Discount)
MAIN SALE 2  – June 16, 2018  – June 30, 2018 (1 INV = $1.00)





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