Introducing Instant Access Medical in Brief

Instant Access Medical is aimed towards changing everything by establishing a single, lifelong healthcare record under your control. With the help of it’s easy, up-to-date record, portable management of health data in a comprehensive and the ability to SMART share with healthcare professionals to get the best possible outcomes.

Instant Access Medical is known to have real-world intellectual properties. Their healthcare record solution HealthOne has been used for more than 30 years by over 3,000 physicians in 5 different countries in 4 different languages and 18 specialties. The team of IAM is known to have real-world experience in medicine, business, healthcare and technology with successful track records in building and delivering EHRs, care pathways, personal care records, electronic prescription exchanges, pharmacy and health benefits systems, clinical decision support systems and pharmacy management companies. Not only that, but they also have successful consulting careers with multinationals and key potential client systems such as the NHS in the UK.

Why IAM?

This particular platform is aimed to solve the main issues that are related to healthcare which includes insurance fraud, prescription abuse, medication adherence and also the problem of medical data portability. With enterprise partners, Guard time, Healthcare Gateway, and DXS iAM’s solution will be accessible to more than 70% of the UK population. 

Users can also share their records which will be secured by the use of blockchain and pay for services with iAM tokens. iAM healthcare economy is governed by smart contracts. Patients, insurers, researchers, doctors, public health agencies and big pharma often have different goals. iAM reconciles conflicting objectives and delivers outcomes for all participants.

How does it work?

IAM is mainly aimed towards solving the major problems that are known to plague the healthcare sector. This will be made possible with the help of their distributed platform. This will ensure that patients with life-long conditions are able to get the alerts and follow-ups that they need to live their lives. These alerts are automated with no chance of human failure.

This project is also known to provide a solution to other issues such as fraud, medication abuse, and data management. The platform will collaborate with major players in the industry to ensure that it is accessible to about 70% of the population to start with.


The platform is known to make use of IAM utility tokens. These tokens are used within the framework of the platform in order to serve various purposes. With the help of these IAM tokens, you can pay for the services. Other than that the tokens will also be used for various other things as well.

Final Thought:

Thus, from the above discussion, it can be concluded that this particular blockchain based platform has been created in order to benefit the patients and also to solve the problems that are faced by the healthcare industry. Considering the solutions provided by the platform it can be said that this platform has the potential to deal with the problems of the healthcare industry.





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