Intrachain is a process mining software that comes with a decentralized database with data collected from computer systems and stored using high-secure blockchain technology. Intrachain software helps to track all kinds of user behavior and transfers all those data to blockchain. Intrachain largely helps in streamlining all your accounting processes so that your costs are reduced to a great extent while also increasing your productivity levels. 

The Problem 

Large corporate companies that manages several subsidiary companies often find it difficult to manage day to day transactions conducted within the group companies. And often they run into some kind of problems that may be due to lack of information or due to the higher costs involved for reconciliation and allocation. 

The Solution

And this is where the Intrachain system scores as it provides a complete solution for all kinds of data problems faced by large corporates. The Process Mining engine developed by Intrachain enables all the subsidiary companies under the corporate to drill down a particular cost right till the very beginning of who initiated the transaction. And all these activities are brilliantly connected to blockchain and hence you can be assured the data is decentralized and secure forever. Only with the help of smart contracts a company can access the information with Intrachain.

Business Model

Intrachain is founded by a group of people highly experienced in the field of data analytics and data engineering and hence they are well-aware of all the problems faced by a company. An accounting system in a company is flooded with data from all departments and there is every possibility of a human error while reconciling the data. And the effort and costs involved seems to grow day by day and without a proper plan in place companies can run into serious trouble in the longer run. And the founders saw a huge chance in blockchain technology offering a solution to these problems and created Intrachain.

The Intrachain model is developed to satisfy both large businesses as well as individuals too. Hence they came up with 2 products in the name of 



The private model helps in tracking user behavior and storing the data in blockchain and users can access these anytime for detailed analysis through an easy to use interface.


The business model helps large corporates to keep track of all transactions made within the company and also with other subsidiary companies in blockchain. Smart contracts can be used to access all the data stored in the blockchain for to transfer all the intercompany services allocation to the respective accounting ledgers within the companies. And since the data exists in a decentralized environment, all the companies share the same information at all times. Hence manual reconciliation of data becomes completely obsolete and companies can save lot of its time and money to a great extent.

Token details

ERC-20 Compatible

Total supply:219,444,444 ICT


ICO Start date:03 Dec 2018

ICO End date:30 Dec 2018

ICO Price:0.1360 USD






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