International Digital Asset Platform (IDAP) Token

The international digital asset platform or simply has been known as an innovative tool that transforms the Cryptocurrency market from ideas into real-world projects. This platform is a derivatives tool that let users access the assets of the market through clicking and help them find the best investment that they can get or make and discover how to make them in the market.

Users can also access the crypto pairs, ICO venture funds, swaps, as well as the P2P lending, all through this new platform. Other advanced features include new SOR and OMS as well as the fix protocols. The company sure puts the user’s experience at the top as they protect your investments and no fees needed to make any exchange.

The UI of the International Digital Asset Platform also has 24 x 7 supports as well as tutorials that will surely help the new users to know more about the platform and how it really works.



Features of IDAP – International Digital Asset Platform Token

This platform will surely beneficial for those people who want to have an easy access to the best assets that they could find in the financial market today. IDAP has a trading instrument called “Spot” which helps investors to search product they can make a good trade and buy as well.

The futures and trading options also show the market behavior in terms of the updates and trends on major cryptocurrencies in the market as well as giving them a detailed information about the perfect time to trade on that specific Cryptocurrency. Additionally, the perpetual swaps let you trade for major cryptocurrencies, Foreign exchange stocks, equity indexes, and commodities with a leverage that could rise for up to 50 times.

The ICU incubation is another main features of IDAP token which creates the right strategy that could take the market by having the help of the company.


Team members and Advisors of IDAP Token

From the most prestigious universities, the IDAP has been created. Members include:

CEO: Awanish Rajan

CFO: Atish Katyal

CTO: Murali Thakur

COO: Anupam Agarwal


Key members:

Tech lead – Mukund Thakur

Operation manager – Ritika Chaturvedi

Blockchain analyst – Himanshu Tiwari



Financial advisor – Amit Bansal

Blockchain advisor – Andrew Friedman

Technology advisor – Avinash Bhatia

Blockchain advisor – David McKenzie

Marketing advisor – Jacob Lindorff


With a wide range of knowledge in various fields such as Economics, Investment Banking, Information Technology, Finance, the team brings forth years of business acumen, success stories, and expertise.



Should you invest in International Digital Asset Platform Token?

There is no reason to doubt about this platform mainly because it was created with different people from the most prestigious universities. Additionally, IDAP truly offers tons of useful and promising tools and interesting options for investors to diversify their portfolios.


Token Distribution

Ticker: IDAP

Platform: Ethereum

Token Type: ERC20

Available for sale: 750,000,000 IDAP (75%)


Platform and product development 40.0%

Legal 6.0%

Reserve 10.0%

Operations 18.0%

Marketing and branding 22.0%

License and insurance 4.0%