InRating.Top A New Social Media Platform For Young Generation

The InRating is the new social media platform, which offer many functionalities and differs from all existing social media platforms in numbers of manners. Here, real users can create the account. The platform has added the face recognizing features during registration, which minimizes the making of fake accounts and bots. The platform allows people of different nationalities to communicate without any language barriers. The chat feature in the platform has translated feature. The platform is true and not has driven up popularity rating as the platform has a mathematical model built-in rating for the coefficient calculation as well as for the blockchain technology integration. The platform has possibility to monetize your account; either it is personal or commercial.

There are many social media platforms present that make the communication faster with people we know as well as people we don’t know. However, all the platforms have some kind of limitations and features that can break the privacy of account holders. The InRating.Top is a kind of social media platform, which is secure and ensures no breach in privacy.

The features of Inrating areccc

  • This is a unique messenger that breaks the language barriers. It automatically translates messages in 100 languages. The platform also has the ability to translate voice messages.
  • It offers the facility of monetization of both commercial and personal accounts.
  • It minimizes the presence of fake accounts in the social network. To ensure that the platform has the users’ face recognition features and rating system using the blockchain technology.
  • It uses unique «Marketplace» section as a platform for the promotion of brand and sales services and goods.
  • It combines virtual and real time communication using the off-line network events of the company.
  • It uses built-in filters for ranking, when it comes to searching people by their age, location, occupation and other parameters.
  • The platform has the possibility to create own events and competitions using the E-Voting It has the unique «AD Exchange» section for the promotion of works/goods/ services.
    • It offers the possibility to create a unique InStory and a 60 minute stream.
    • It allows users to create and participate in charity projects.
    • The INCoins credited to the wallet of users can be used in various network services.

The team behind InRating

Andrey Chebanov is the chief executive officer of InRating and has good year work experience in the field.

Alexander Konovalov is the counselor of InRating. Alexey Katolyk is the financial advisor of InRating and Inessa Sebolova is the marketing manager. Llya is the chief technology officer and have 5 years of experience in the field, Vladimir is the team lead backend, and he also has 5 years of experience in the field. Vlad is Fullstack developer.

Should you invest in InRating?

It is a secure platform and offering many exciting features. Some of the features are introduced on the platform for the first time. This creates trust and, thus, one can think about investing in Inrating.

InRating tokenization model

The total number of INTokens emitted is 32,000,000 tokens.

The exchange rate is $ 1 = 1 INToken (INT)cc

ERC-20 protocol (standard).

Tokens are distributed as follows:

  • Sale on PRE-ICO and ICO: 16,000,000 (50,00% of emission) expected.
  • Retaining for the InRating founders: up to 13,440,000 (42.00% of the emission).
  • InRating team reward: 1,600,000 (5.00% of the emission).
  • Bounty program: up to 960,000 (3.00% of the emission).