Infeleum, a Decentralized Platform Designed to Offer a Transparent Trading Structure

Infeleum is one of the recently launched ICO projects. Founded by the ELSOL Company, Infeleum is designed to develop a transparent trading structure where every user can generate a considerable profit from his innovative business ideas.

To be more specific, it is an open source brand promotion and publishing platform that is using all the latest features of the cutting-edge blockchain technology. This platform will be featuring 8 DApps services created by the ELSOL Company. This platform will assess and share the details regarding publishing campaigns during all the stages of brand publishing. Let’s discover some more facts about this popular ICO project to reveal its vision and goals.

Current issues Infeleum aims to resolve:

There are various pain points reducing the efficiency of brand promotion and advertising agencies. Key issues Infeleum aims to resolve are the following:

  • Poorly planned and implemented customer strategies due to which the there will 47% chances that the marketing tactics will not work. Many agencies spent a lot of time in research and found that only 40% of newly founded companies survive during the Death Valley period. It happens because of weak customer strategies and poorly implemented market plans.
  • Another issue is associated with inefficiencies in the ad industry. Though the advertisement budget is getting higher, improperly implemented advertisement and marketing tactics have become a headache for the companies. Expensive and low-efficiency advertising structure, biased or centralized compensation, limited native ads, and the lack of transparency are the main culprits that make ads ineffective.

The solution offered by Infeleum:

Infeleum will not be applying any sort of restrictions over its users. Every participant can participate in any role without any limitation. The participants of this platform can be users who need quality content and they can also be advertisers who want to request services. You can also use this platform if you are producing new products and want to promote it by using the services offered by experienced marketers. This platform is going to break all the boundaries between different industries in order to distinguish their roles. Thus, this platform will make many impossible tasks possible.

Token details:

Infeleum will generate 3,000,000,000 IFUM tokens in total. This platform will provide about 30% tokens during the sale and 30% will be put in the eco and growth pool. The remaining tokens will be reserved for a strategic partnership, team, liquidity, advisors, and for the bounty.

Final thoughts:

Infeleum is willing to transform the advertising and marketing industry by addressing key issues with effective solutions. This platform is offering a highly secure crypto wallet along with contract escrow, Big Data, and AI solutions, smart contracts for making digital agreements, and DApps. It has everything that the ad and marketing industry needs to perform better. As you can check in the whitepaper, its solutions look pretty promising and feasible. There is no other decentralized platform that is working to resolve the issues faced by SMBs, startups, marketers, and advertisers. Infeleum will be the first of its kind.








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