Important Information To Learn About The Aclyd Project

Since the blockchain technology that has been introduced to us, it has taken the entire world by storm. That’s basically because blockchain is the nest technology that has been ever introduced to us. Even the alcohol industry is not let out of the grip of the blockchain industry. There is this new platform that has come up which is made for the alcohol industry in order to make the buying and selling of alcohol easy. The name of the platform is Aclyd. If you are interested to know about the platform then you should definitely give this article a read.

Why Aclyd?

To define it in simple words Aclyd is basically a blockchain based peer-to-peer solution that is designed for the alcohol industry. The platform is developed so that it can facilitate transactions and payments for sellers and buyers of alcoholic drinks. The team behind Aclyd is focussing towards developing a wallet with an integrated KYC feature that will ensure that minors are not allowed to buy alcohol. Purchases of alcohol will be carried on with the use of ERC20 Aclyd tokens which will be accepted by the deliver applications. Importers, wholesalers, and retailers who will receive tokens will be able to convert it into the fiat or ETH currency. The team of Acyld is mainly dedicated to the tequila market as of now.

How does it work?

The main purpose of the platform is to bring alcohol beverages from the field right to your doorsteps. This has been made possible with the use of a blockchain based payment system which is not only fast but also transparent and can also stop minors from purchasing alcohol. This particular platform is known to operate outside any private entity. This is an innovative platform that has been introduced so that the purchase of alcohol can be made easy. One can make a purchase of alcohol with the use of the tokens that are provided by the platform. the platform will also allow the door-to-door delivery of alcohol in order to make things more convenient for you. the platform also has a digital wallet that will optimize consumer targeting by providing companies with the tools that are required to restrict the minor from buying alcohol.


The platform is known to make use of utility tokens that can be used within the platform. the tokens serve as a common currency on the platform. the token is used to serve multiple purposes on the platform. the tokens are based on ERC20 network. with the help of these tokens, a person can make a purchase of the alcohol. The tokens can also be converted into fiat currency by the wholesalers, retailers, and importers when they receive it.

Final Thoughts

Thus, it can be concluded that Acyld is a blockchain based platform that seeks to improve the alcohol industry. this will make the buying and selling of alcohol easier. You can go through its whitepaper in order to learn more about the platform





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