ICOStart Offers Fully Designed Service Packages For ICO Startups

ICOStart is an innovative platform that helps the users in starting crypto-based projects with the help of Initial Coin Offering. It offers a set of services that are essential for every startup to begin a successful and well-planned venture. This includes aspects like KYC, smart contracts, auditing, legal formalities, and so on. ICOStart has devised a wide range of packages that can help new entrepreneurs in overcoming the drawbacks of blockchain-based ventures. The platform is supported by a team of highly influential and experienced advisors and consultants who have several years of experience in dealing with online ventures and cryptocurrency projects.

Features of ICOStart

  • ICOStart allows its early investors to have access on a priority basis to some of the best ICOs handled by the platform. It is an exclusive offer meant for investors who purchase 4000 or more ICH tokens issued by ICOStart. The priority access would allow the investors to buy tokens offered by promising ICO ventures.
  • The platform offers an ICO Audit service which is powered by AIStart algorithm. The application automatically checks various aspects of an ICO proposal and makes a detailed comparison with the project in progress. The AI-based analysis can help the team in finding the areas that need amendments. The audit program helps the ICOs in identifying discrepancies in their planning and implementation strategy.
  • ICOStart has a website building service. This is a very useful feature that helps startups to choose a professionally designed website template and convert it into their own by filling in their contents and logo. The website designs made available by ICOStart have user-friendly interfaces that can be easily navigated by anyone.
  • The platform features an application for creating smart contracts for new ICO ventures. The smart contracts are activated with the help of a simple wizard.

The team behind ICOStart

Alberto Salpietro is the Owner and Chief Executive Officer of ICOStart. He is the Group CEO of S3+ Technologies. He is also an Academic member of AEREC. Previously, he was the CEO of FC Lugano. He has over 15 years of experience in pioneering diverse business ventures.

Nicola Maganetti is the Co-Founder and R&D Director of ICOStart. He has over 20 years of experience in IT sector. He was the Technical Architect of IT Operations at Ermenegildo Zegna Group.

Andrea Croci is the Co-founder and Community Manager at ICOStart. He has a background in technology and marketing. He is a cryptocurrency trader and blockchain expert.

Gianluca Rotondaro is the Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at ICOStart. Formerly, he was the IT Manager at Chiomenti. He has several years of experience in working in IT services.

Should you invest in ICOStart?

ICOStart would serve as a revolutionary platform for numerous ICO ventures and crypto startups that lack the expertise and experience required for launching a successful ICO. The platform also offers a wide range of services for its token holders and investors who are provided with several options to invest in valuable crypto assets and crypto projects.


Token Sale numbers

Token name: ICH

Number of tokens Issued: 60M

Token Sale & Presale: 32%

1 ICH = 0.09 USD (ETH-USD fixed on ICO day 1)

Token unsold will be:

  • 50% BURN
  • 50% RESERVE


  • Team: 40%
  • Platform development: 25%
  • Marketing: 20%
  • Web: 5%
  • General Operation and Legal: 10%


Website: https://icostart.ch

Whitepaper: https://icostart.ch/wp.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/ICOStartOfficials