ICBCoin, a New Cryptocurrency Bank with Traditional Banking Services and Products

The ICB coin is the next generation cryptocurrency that is based on the blockchain technology. This cryptocurrency is introduced for regular transactions, account savings, and exchange transactions to fund the entire project. The project is currently in the initial stage. The value of ICBCoin is expected to rise with the growth of the project and its features will also expand with time. The ICBCoin is going to be the first to offer traditional banking services and products, which will be implemented by using the cryptocurrency. This platform is offering all the necessary features including forging, e-wallet, a private exchange for exchanging the cryptocurrency and the explorer.

Key features of the ICBCoin platform:

Introduced as a blockchain powered crypto banking platform, ICBCoin is providing participants with traditional banking products and services. The participants on this platform can quickly earn money by trading their crypto assets, forging, and also by using the internal exchange. The regular mining process takes a lot of time and requires expensive resources. This platform is offering the forging process which is more affordable and feasible than the traditional mining process. The participants will not need expensive equipment and costly initial investment to gain the cryptocurrency. Therefore, numerous crptocurrency seeking individuals are going to join ICBCoin.

This platform is also introducing a cryptocurrency bank. The features and functionality of this bank will expand in the future. This bank will offer all the services that traditional banks offer, such as payment and low cost transactions. The developers have introduced the ICBCoin to improve the way banking sector works and therefore, this platform is going to make some significant changes in the procedure. It will change the way traditional banking services are offered. Therefore, the users will experience something better than the standard banking solutions.

Faster and safer global transactions:

You may need to wait for several days if you are making a global transaction by using online portals. You do not need to wait that long when the transaction is in cryptocurrency. You can transfer the funds almost immediately without paying an expensive transaction fee. The ICBCoin is also providing the similar feature. The participants can use the native currency to transfer the amount anytime and anywhere across the globe within a few seconds. You can make two types of transactions on this platform. The first kind of transaction will be a public transaction that anybody within the blockchain can access and another one would be a private transaction that only the sender and receiver can check.

ICBCoin is offering an e-wallet to provide an easier access to the platform. This wallet will work as a smartphone app that you can use on your iOS and Windows phones. You can store and trade the cryptocurrency directly from this wallet to avoid difficulties. There will be an internal exchange that will help you in converting the cryptocurrency into the fiat money anytime you want.

Final thoughts:

The ICBCoin is coming with plenty of amazing features that will make cryptocurrency banking more enjoyable for any participant. People are going to join it because this platform will improve the functions and features very quickly.