Hyperquant Presents A Fintech Platform With Automated Trading And Crypto Asset Management


Hyperquant is a multipurpose fintech platform that aims to help the crypto users in making profitable investments. It also offers a range of asset management and trading services. With the growing demand for cryptocurrency services, more and more users are willing to invest money in different types of blockchain projects. However, a lack of proper market data and analytical tools often results in untoward losses. The volatile nature of cryptocurrency values also discourages the crypto asset holders from engaging in trading activities. The team behind Hyperquant has recognized the areas that need to be mended for creating a lucrative investment and trading arena for crypto asset holders. Accordingly, it has devised a set of advisory and management services for it users who can improve their returns on a consistent basis by employing the strategies offered by Hyperquant’s fintech platform.

Features of Hyperquant

  • The blockchain platform of Hyperquant would provide its investors with an AI-powered financial advisor that can provide quick and accurate instructions and alerts based on an up-to-date market analysis. The automation can help the users in managing their crypto investments more efficiently.
  • Hyperquant would offer hybrid portfolio management services that are powered by smart contracts.
  • By using the Hyperquant platform, users can automate their trading activities. By employing the quantitative framework the team has developed top-performing trading bots for its crypto traders. This would help them in maximizing their profits by avoiding losses.
  • For helping the traders, the platform would offer access to up-to-date market data collected from top-rated crypto exchanges across the industry. This would help new and inexperienced traders in streamlining their trading activities to suit the market movements.
  • Hyperquant would be launching an asset management software for assisting its institutional crypto investors in yielding the best possible results from their investment portfolio.
  • The users can participate in bounty campaigns and earn money from their bounty stakes.

The team behind Hyperquant

Pavel Pavchenko is the CEO of Hyperquant. He has over 14 years of experience in trading. He is a successful NASDAQ and NYSE trader. He is the creator of routing and matching technologies for Saint Petersburg Exchange in Russia.

Paul Rogov is the Managing Director of Hyperquant. He is the Senior Brand Manager of Mail.Ru Group. Previously, he was the Project Manager of XG Trading Group. He has served as a consultant for companies from diverse sectors like IT, Heavy Machinery, E-commerce, and Finance.

Dmitry Plohov is the Chief Operating Officer at Hyperquant. He is an experienced executive and a skilled industry veteran. He is known for his leadership qualities.

Alex Jadaev is the Senior Quant Trader for the platform. He is a professional trader with extensive knowledge of Machine Learning and Big Data.

Should you invest in Hyperquant?

Hyperquant is a one-stop solution for all the challenges associated with crypto investments and crypto assets. The platform offers automated trading service accompanied by a set of AI-powered applications and trading bots. The hybrid trading and investment solutions offered by the venture can definitely attract millions of crypto users. Thus, the venture can definitely help the investors in reaping huge profits in the years to come.

Private sale – May – June, 2018

Public pre-sale – July, 2018

Ticker – HQT

Token type – ERC20

TGE Token Price – 1 HQT = 0.00028 ETH 1 ETH = 3500 HQT

Fundraising Goal – 41, 143 ETH

Total token supply – 320 000 000 HQT

Available for token sale – 45%

Token Distribution

Token Sale – 45%

Reserve fund – 30%

Team – 15%

Advisors & Partners – 9%

Bounty – 1%


Website: https://hyperquant.net/en/

Whitepaper: https://hyperquant.net/en/wp/

Telegram: https://t.me/hyperquant