Humanscape Features An Innovative Blockchain-Enabled Patient Networking Service

Humanscape is a revolutionary blockchain platform that aims to build a patient network for effective management of incurable diseases. The concept of the venture is to support the patients in improving their health condition by helping them in treating or easily managing their chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension. With the help of Humanscape platform, patients can store their health data to observe the behavior of their incurable ailments and to find effective ways to manage them with targeted treatment regimens and lifestyle changes. The platform would also promote E-commerce services for helping its community in easily procuring a wide range of healthcare and medical supplies.

Features of Humanscape

  • Humanscape focuses on creating a network of patients for the collection and integration of “Patient Generated Health Data”. Currently, health records and patient data are generated via clinics and hospitals. The use of such data is restricted and it hardly helps the patients in bringing significant changes. However, Humanscape would make use of its patient-generated data in multiple ways to help the patients in getting customized healthcare advice and treatment aids.
  • Humanscape intends to motivate its users in learning about and overcoming the effects of their incurable health conditions. With the help of its user-friendly mobile application and community services, the platform can help the patients in improving their awareness of potential treatment protocols and lifestyle changes.
  • The platform seeks to help the healthcare professionals in devising a personalized treatment plan for their patients. A regular and up-to-date supply of patient-generated data can help physicians in closely following the condition of their patients.
  • By providing access to patient-generated health data, Humanscape also aims to help the researchers in coming up with improved medical findings and clinical solutions for helping people in controlling and managing various types of incurable diseases.

Team behind Humanscape

Min-hoo Chang is the Founder and CEO of Humanscape. He has done his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Sogang University.

Won-woo Je is the CSO at Humanscape. He has done his MBA from Yonsei University. He also works at the Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd as a Non Executive Director. Previously, he was the CEO at ‘Decision’ which is a Hospital Strategic Consulting company.

Tae-woo Lee is the Chief Technology Officer at Humanscape. He has done his MS in Computer Science from KAIST. He is the Technical Advisor at QTnetworks. Formerly, he was the Software Engineer at KaKao. He was also the founder of Wiznit Corp.

Hee-jeong Shin heads the Business Development department at Humanscape. He has secured a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from Hongik University. He is also the former CEO of PYOM.

Road map of Humanscape ICO

Presently, the platform has successfully completed its 2nd pre-sale and is preparing for the 3rd round. By the 3rd quarter of 2018, it plans to complete the Main Sale. It would also build a test group involving patients and healthcare professionals. By the 4th quarter, it would launch an Alpha Test version, and MVP Release. It also plans to list the HUM tokens at recognizing exchanges. By the 1st quarter of 2019, Humanscape would introduce a Closed Beta Test and Soft Launch its application. It also aims to conduct a Business Model Validation. By the 2nd quarter of 2019, it would commence the Main Launch.


  • HUM Token
  • Total issue volume : 2,500,000,000 HUM
  • Standard price : 1 HUM = $ 0.01

Token Generation Event

  • Total Sale Amount : 1,000,000,000 HUM
  • Private Sale : 500,000,000 HUM
  • 1st Pre-sale : 50,000,000 HUM
  • 2nd Pre-sale : 60,000,000 HUM
  • 3rd Pre-sale : To be announced
  • Public Sale : To be announced