Hilo Presents An Interactive Social Platform For Crypto Enthusiasts

Hilo is a blockchain venture that helps the users in interacting with each other and sharing valuable ideas on money market and cryptocurrency investments. It is a social networking platform where new cryptocurrency users get to learn useful insights on crypto assets and trading activities. The platform would issue crypto tokens called HILO that can be used for availing the services and communication tools offered by the platform. Hilo is a multipurpose networking platform that helps users in building creative groups and staying up-to-date about events in crypto markets. Its blockchain technology offers complete decentralization and security to the users.

Features of Hilo

  • Hilo would be launching an interactive application for the users who can access the platform services by installing the app. Separate app versions will be available for Android and iOS phones and devices.
  • Hilo intends to be an arena for online learning wherein people can directly interact with market experts on topics associated with crypto markets, asset values, trading, and investments.
  • The platform would offer a social dashboard for keeping a close watch on crypto assets and investments. This feature would offer real-time prices and details on market variations.
  • By using Hilo, new crypto investors and asset holders can follow the trading and investment moves adopted by the market experts. Professional asset managers and traders would share their views and market predictions through Hilo to help the beginners in this niche.
  • Hilo would be featuring a newsfeed service. It would also launch games that help the users in understanding the working of cryptocurrency world and use cases of cryptocurrencies.
  • The Hilo platform would offer a more controlled social networking environment for the users who can prevent getting direct messages from selected friends.
  • Hilo would offer a ‘group chat’ service so that users can enjoy group discussions on a wide range of interesting topics.

The team behind Hilo

Monica Puchner is the Founder and CEO of Hilo. She is the founding partner of Node Worldwide. She was the VP of Business Development at CleverTap. She has worked at several reputed firms and has many years of experience in business management, marketing, and sales.

Robby Black is the Chief Technology Officer at Hilo. Formerly, he was the IT Manager at World Marketing Company.  For over 4 years, he has served as the CEO of Dataflow Enterprises.

Brit Morgan is the cofounder of Hilo. She is the Chief Business Development Officer for the platform. Formerly, she was the cofounder and Director of Marketing at Predictful Inc. She is a blockchain expert and an experienced business strategist.

Vadim Fedotov is the CPO at Hilo. He has a proven track record in UX and Product Designing. Formerly, he was the Senior Director of Product and UX at Vendini.

Road map of Hilo ICO

Hilo has divided its future plan into 3 versions. The version 1 includes Portfolio development and launching of integrated Exchanges. Version 2 involves Token Integration, Influencer Subscriptions, Wallet Integration, and launching of Messaging services. Version 3 involves the introduction of Crypto games and launching of iOS and Android apps.


Symbol – HILO

Hilo Token Distribution

15% – Advisors

5% – Partnerships & Bounties

25% – Main Sale

30% – Devolopmont Partners

25%  – User Growth Pool



Website: http://hilo.io

Whitepaper: http://hilo.io/assets/whitepaper.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/HiloCrypto