HiHealth Brings Health Data And Monitoring On The Blockchain Platform

This is a digital business model that has been proposed based on the smart contract and blockchain methodology.  This is a business model being proposed for the Healthcare industry.  It would act as a data compilation system where medical data of users would be recorded and used for medical purposes with the help of artificial intelligence.  The blockchain technology will ensure that personal data remains secure and anonymous.  It would be an ecosystem which would help to diagnose and record important medical parameters of the human body.  It would enable tracking of important health parameters for users.  For the health industry, it would help to identify development patterns of different ailments.  It would also help to prevent illnesses in the future and would have implications for the insurance industry as well.

Features of HiHealth

This platform would have certain unique features that would be beneficial for monitoring of personal health data as well as help the medical professional community:

  • It would act as a diagnostic tool that can provide important health data of patients to doctors.
  • It would provide information about general health conditions that would help a doctor understand patient’s health better.
  • It would allow easy download of medical data that is captured through apps of individual users.
  • Medical data would be stored in anonymous form and in a secure manner.
  • Those who sign up to use this platform would be rewarded with tokens.
  • People can sell their health data for research purposes and be rewarded with platform tokens.
  • Artificial intelligence would be used to analyze the data which would help in diagnosing diseases early.
  • There would be connected gadgets and devices that would help to upload data and monitor the same in the framework.
  • It would also provide access to a large scale medical community and one can even make appointments through this platform.

Should you invest in HiHealth?

This is a unique digital platform being proposed for the health industry.  Besides offering health monitoring tools, it would provide medical professional a chance to get research data as well as proactive diagnostic data that would help in the accurate treatment of patients.  Research community would get access to health data from users.  The insurance company would be able to design profitable plans as many disease patterns are detected and prevented.  There are several beneficial implications for the health industry from this platform.  Hence, as investors, one can certainly look at this model as a profitable one.  With the success of the model would also depend on how well it is executed in the future.

Team behind HiHealth

The main team comprises of Aleksandr Potkin who is CEO of the company. He is aided by Salman Qadir for business development, Konstantin Ryzhkov who looks into software development and so forth. There are several others who assist them in diverse roles. You can find more details about their professional profiles on the official website as well as on LinkedIn. It is important to know such details before you decide on investing in this model.


Website: https://hihealth.io/

Whitepaper:  https://hihealth.io/assets/_HiHealthWPv0.1ENG.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/HiHealth0


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