Handlemode (HNDL) Featuring New Solutions for Social Media Promotions

HandleMode is one of the most popular ICO projects which is designed to drive more traffic in online stores by using social media influencers and their popularity. This platform will essentially develop a link between the social media influencers and business organizations. Its HNDL token will act as marketing currency by the business organizations for hiring social media influencers automatically. It will not only drive more traffic but also enhance the sales at stores which accept crypto payments and credit cards.

The HandleMode team believes that once users will start using this platform, it has the potential of surpassing other existing social media sites. The users will enjoy their time on HandleMode because nobody will spy them here and this platform will not endorse ads without concerning the users. In order to engage participants better this platform will share majority of ad revenue and offer a thorough control in your hands with an assurance of complete privacy.

What issues HandleMode aims to resolve?

A variety of issues are reducing people’s social networking experience. People are still shocked that how Facebook compromised their privacy and shared data with a company that constantly analyzes users’ movement in order to influence their political choices. The existing social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are filled with fake news. These platforms have no methodology to assess which news is true due to which they allow users to publish whatever they want. Political influence, scam ads, and influencer problems are also reducing modern users’ social networking experience.

HandleMode’s solution:

In order to resolve the problems affecting users’ experience with the existing social media platforms, HandleMode has decided to feature a social media platform which will never endorse promoted ads. This platform will not run any ad campaign. It will permit its users to be social influencers and work with the leading businesses to drive more traffic and increase the sales.

Whenever you will direct new customers towards the endorsed businesses, the conversion pixels will track their sales. Once the sales are confirmed, the smart contract will get in action and pay the agreed amount of tokens to the influencer. HandleMode is going to be a dedicated social networking platform for influencer market. It will encourage every social networking site user to be an influencer and earn a huge amount of money by generating sales for different businesses.

The HNDL token:

The HandleMode team has developed a new token, known as HNDL. This will work as a native cryptocurrency at the HandleMode platform. It will enable fast, safer, and affordable fund transfers within the HandleMode ecosystem. Business organizations would require the HNDL tokens to hire new influencers for promotion. You can acquire this token during the crowdsale at discounted prices.

Final thoughts:

HandleMode is going to simplify the way of making money through social media platform. The users will not face troubles anymore because their data will be stored on blockchain in encrypted form. They can choose to view or not view the ads and become influencers to earn money.


Website: https://handlemode.io/

Whitepaper: https://handlemode.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/HM_White_Paper_v_2.4_Edited_Updated-2.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFHsx7eFsq-YsVWGKA




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